Reichsjugendführer ("National Youth Leader") was the highest paramilitary rank of the Hitler Youth.[1] In 1931, Hitler appointed Baldur von Schirach as the first Reich Youth Leader.[2] In 1933, all youth organizations were brought under Schirach's control.[3][4] Artur Axmann succeeded Schirach as national leader of the Hitler Youth on 8 August 1940.[5]

National Youth Leader
Reichsjugendführer gorget patch
Standard for the Reichsjugendführer
Nazi Party
Member of Hitler Youth
AppointerFührer of the NSDAP
First holderBaldur von Schirach
Final holderArtur Axmann
Deputy Stabsführer


No. ReichsjugendführerTook officeLeft officeTime in office
Schirach, BaldurBaldur von Schirach
30 October 19311 May 19408 years, 184 days
Axmann, ArturArtur Axmann
8 August 19408 May 19455 years, 7 days


With the surrender of Nazi Germany, the Hitler Youth was disbanded by Allied authorities as part of the denazification process. Both Schirach and Axmann were condemned as war criminals by the leading Allies powers after the end of the Second World War in Europe, in particular for the role the two played in corrupting the minds of children.[6] Schirach was sentenced to 20 years in prison.[7] Axmann only received a 39-month prison sentence in May 1949.[8] Later, in 1958, a West Berlin court fined Axman 35,000 marks (approximately £3,000, or $8,300 USD), about half the value of his property in Berlin. The court found him guilty of indoctrinating German youth with National Socialism until the end of the war.[8]



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