Registro Italiano Navale

RINA was founded in Genoa in 1861 under the name REGISTRO ITALIANO NAVALE, by the "Associazione della Mutua Assicurazione Marittima" (Mutual Marine Insurance Association) [established in Genoa in 1857 by ship managers and shipowners (or "ship shareholders"), to cover risks related to loss and/or damage of the hull and rigging of sailing ships], to meet the needs of Italian maritime operators, as had already occurred in Great Britain and France. Since its foundation, Registro Italiano Navale has been an instrument of support for economic development in the areas where it operates. Over 150 years later, the role of RINA has not changed but it has expanded to meet the needs of a constantly evolving international economy.

IndustryClassification society
HeadquartersGenoa, Italy
Area served
ServicesShip Classification, Certification and services to industry
Number of employees

The RINA Group

RINA S.p.A. is an operational company created by Registro Italiano Navale, a private body founded in Genoa in 1861 by a number of economic concerns involved in the maritime transport sector. RINA is one of the founding members of IACS and actively participates in technical, research and rule-making groups in different institutional contexts at national and international level. RINA S.p.A. operates competitively in the market and offers assessment, control, certification and research services, in compliance with national and international rules, related to materials, design, technology, products and plants, as well as undertaking tasks entrusted by governmental bodies and other authorities.

Organisation and structure

The organisational structure of the RINA Group consists of the parent company RINA S.p.A. and other associated or subsidiary companies. The RINA Group has offices in 42 countries worldwide; the Head Office is in Genoa and it has about 120 branch offices, 40 of which in Italy, and a workforce of over 1600 people. Particular attention is given to the development of human resources and to investment in Information Technology.

Classification rules

RINA provides quality assurance and certification for important ship's components and accessories, including life-saving appliances, marine pollution prevention, fire protection, navigation, radio communication equipment, deck gear, cables, rodes, and anchors.[1]


In December 1999 the tanker MV Erika sank off the coast of Brittany, causing a major oil spill. RINA was the certification society responsible for issuing all the safety certificates for Erika. Because of this the French oil company Total, who was eventually told to pay damages for the incident, claimed that RINA should be held responsible.[2]


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