Regional Best 2011

Regional Best 2011 is a volume in the Regional Best anthology series, edited by William Roetzheim, that honors the best plays to premiere at major regional and LORT theaters in the United States each year.[1][2][3]

Plays included

Joseph LauingerThe Pie DialoguesMain Street Theater, Houston, Texas
Michael EricksonAlien Hand SyndromeSon of Semele Theatre, Los Angeles, California
Julia Lee BarclayBesides, you lose your soul or the History of Western CivilizationApochryphal Theatre
James McLindonLaying OffFusion Theater
James McLindonSafeBoston Theatre Marathon
K BiadaszkiewiczBoston Forty-Nine FlamingoNat Horne Theatre, New York City
Jacob AppelCausa MortisDetroit Repertory Theatre
Cary PepperSmall ThingsGettysburg College World Premiere Festival
Jon TuttleThe Sweet AbyssTrustus Theater, Columbia, South Carolina


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