Reginald III, Count of Burgundy

Reginald III or Renaud III (c. 1087 1148), son of Stephen I (Tête-hardi) and Beatrix of Lorraine,[1] was the count of Burgundy between 1127 and 1148. Previously, he had been the count of Mâcon since his father's death in 1102, with his brother, William of Vienne.

Renaud III, Count of Burgundy
Noble familyIvrea
Spouse(s)Agatha of Lorraine
FatherStephen I, Count of Burgundy
MotherBeatrix of Lorraine (c. 1070-1116)

He proclaimed independence from the Holy Roman Emperor Lothair III,[2] but was defeated by King Conrad III of Germany and forced to relinquish all his lands east of the Jura. The name of the region Franche-Comté is derived from his title, franc-compte, meaning "free count".

In 1148, Reginald was traveling in France when he fell ill with multiple illnesses. He died so suddenly that he could not even appoint a regent for his young daughter.


About 1130, he married the young Agatha (c. 1120- April 1147), daughter of Simon I, Duke of Lorraine.[lower-alpha 1][3] They had one daughter:

Beatrice became countess of Burgundy on her father's death, although she was too young to actually govern the county.


  1. Parisse states Reginald's wife was Agatha, daughter of the duke of Lorraine.[3]



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Reginald III, Count of Burgundy
Born: c.1093 Died: 1148
Preceded by
Stephen I
Count of Burgundy
Succeeded by

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