Reginald I, Count of Bar

Reginald I (also called "the One-eyed", Reinald I, Renaud I; c.1080 10 March 1149) was Count of Bar (1105–1149). Barrois, during the Middle Ages, was the territory of the counts and dukes of Bar, in the eastern part of present-day France, bordering Lorraine.

Reginald I, Count of Bar
Bornc. 1080
Died(1149-03-10)10 March 1149
Mediterranean Sea
Noble familyHouse of Montbéliard
Spouse(s)Gisele of Vaudémont
FatherTheodoric I, Count of Montbéliard
MotherErmentrude of Bourgogne

He was the son of Theodoric I, Count of Montbéliard and Ermentrude of Bourgogne, the daughter of William I, Count of Burgundy.

Reginald's first wife is unknown. He later married Gisele de Vaudémont, widow of Rainard III, Count of Toul, and daughter of Gérard I, Count of Vaudémont, and his wife Heilwig von Egisheim. Reginald and Gisele had eight children:

Reginald was one of the leaders of the Second Crusade in 1145. He was drowned somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea on his return voyage to Europe on or before 10 March 1149.

Reginald I of Bar succeeded Theodoric II of Bar (r. 1092–1105) who was succeeded in turn by Reginald II of Bar (r. 1150–1170) in 1150.


Reginald I, Count of Bar
Born: c.1080 Died: 10 March 1149
Preceded by
Theodoric II of Bar
Count of Bar
Succeeded by
Reginald II of Bar

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