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Reformers (Reformers Bookshop) is a non-profit[1] Christian wholesaler and bookseller operating in Australasia, plus telephone, internet and mail order worldwide.[2]

Reformers Bookshop
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Originally set up in 1983 as a faith-based book ministry by a married couple of Stanmore Baptist Church[3] to sell Banner of Truth literature,[4] Reformers expanded its range over the years and in 2007 became a Reformed Baptist/Presbyterian joint venture[5] in partnership with the Theological Education Committee[6] of, and (from July 2009) the Trustees[7] of, the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales.[8] Its stated goal is to make available the best in historic and contemporary Christian literature,[9] and its range reflects the theological stance of its various joint venture partners i.e. evangelical, reformed and conservative i.e. with a high view of the Bible as the ultimate authority in all things of which it speaks.[10] Its senior staff are theologically trained to ministerial level.[11]

Since 2007, it has grown to become the largest specialised seller of evangelical, reformed literature in Australasia, with a brochure mailing list stated to be over 20,000 copies.[12] In contrast with the multi-store approach of Koorong and Word, Reformers appears to have adopted a single-distribution-centre-cum-internet strategy for sales and order fulfilment.

Reformers is the sole Australian trade distributor[13] for both The Good Book Company,[14] with its well-known Christianity Explored[15] and Discipleship Explored ranges (by Rico Tice and Barry Cooper), and P&R Publishing.[16] Reformers is also an Australasian trade distributor or reseller for the imprints of a number of other well-known evangelical and reformed publishing houses, including Christian Focus,[17] Banner of Truth, Baker Book House, Good News Crossway, Day One,[18] Eerdmans,[19] Evangelical Press,[20] Founders Press,[21] Go Teach,[22] Granted Ministries,[23] Inter-Varsity Press UK, Ligonier Ministries, Matthias Media and Shepherd Press. Reformers trades under a number of other names throughout Australasia including Reformers Bookshop, Reformers Christian Bookshop, Great Christian Books and Advantage Plus.[24]

Reformers supplies the books, either directly or via third-party, to a number of significant Australian conferences, including the EQUIP Women's Conferences,[25] Sydney Anglican Conferences and Banner of Truth Conferences,[26] a biennial conference of reformed speakers.

Reformers also provides books for students of various reformed theological colleges,[27] including the Presbyterian Theological Centre Sydney, the Queensland Theological College, the Presbyterian Theological College Melbourne[28] and the Reformed Theological College Geelong, as part of the Geneva Foundation grants.[29] It also supports Christian missions via its sale-or-return arrangements with congregations.[30] Reformers is a member of the Christian Bookselling Association of Australia.[31]

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