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Refinitiv league tables are league tables produced by Refinitiv that capture market activity and deal leadership across the mergers and acquisitions, equity issuance, debt issuance, syndicated loans and US municipal bond markets. Rankings measure aggregated transactional data by value and number of deals, sector and geography, and imputed fees and are designed to serve as an independent standard for the measurement of deal leadership.


Financial and legal advisors, underwriters, and trustees in capital markets and M&A transactions use league tables to demonstrate their expertise to clients in a specific sector of the deal-making market. League tables serve the needs of global and regional investment banks and professional services firms who typically use them in promotional materials or client pitches. Corporations also use them in order to help them decide which institutions to hire to help them conduct strategic corporate actions. League tables also function as an analytical tool for market share and trend analysis.

Thomson Reuters describes its league table rankings as being founded upon globally consistent criteria informed by constant feedback from market participants in order to ensure the treatment of transactions and accreditation of firms is representative of market activity.

Thomson Reuters offers the ability for its users to customise league tables based on their own preferences but additionally provides a wide set of standardised rankings which are based on a fixed and transparent criteria. Typically it is these standardised league tables which are used by the press to report on market activity and changes and trends within the deal making community.

Access to distributed league table rankings can be found at this website which requires free user registration.[1]


Global Debt, Equity & Equity-related[2]

Billions of $, number of issues in parentheses

YearUnderwriting ActivitySource
2008$4,715 (13,542)Q4 2008 report
2007$7,510 (22,256)Q4 2007 report
2006$7,643 (21,818)Q4 2006 report
2005$6,511 (20,118)Q4 2005 report
2004$5,693 (20,066)Q4 2004 report
2003$5,326 (19,706)Q4 2003 report
2002$4,257 (14,070)Q4 2002 report
2001$4,112 (NA)Q4 2001 report

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