Reel Cinemas, UK

Reel Cinemas are a chain of multiplex cinemas based in the United Kingdom.


The first cinema in the chain was the Curzon Cinema in Loughborough, which was established in 2001. Cinemas in other cities and towns were then added to the newly formed Curzon Leisure Group over the next few years. In 2005, the chain was renamed Reel Cinemas Ltd.[1]


Reel Cinemas currently have 13 cinema complexes throughout the United Kingdom.[1] 1 is under construction.

Town/City Number of screens Cinema Name Notes
Borehamwood 4 The Point
Bridgnorth 3 The Majestic
Burnley 9 Hollywood Park Acquired from Apollo Cinemas in 2012[2][3]
Chippenham 5 The Astoria
Chorley 6 Chorley Market Walk Extension to Chorley Market Walk to be completed in late 2019.
Fareham 5 Acquired from Apollo Cinemas in 2012[2][3]
Hull 7 Reel Cinema One of their largest locations which is located in St Stephens Shopping Centre in Central Hull.
Ilkeston 1 The Scala
Kidderminster 4
Morecambe 4 Acquired from Apollo Cinemas in 2012 [2][3]
Port Talbot 6 Hollywood Park Acquired from Apollo Cinemas in 2012[2][3]
Quinton 4 The Danilo Previously an Odeon Cinema[4]
Widnes 5
Wakefield 5 Reel Cinema

Planned locations

Planned Reel Cinemas include:

Former locations

Former Reel Cinemas include:

In addition, the following Reel Cinemas were sold to Odeon Cinemas in 2011:[8]

The following were planned new sites, but were also acquired by Odeon Cinemas:[9]



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