Redditt is an unincorporated community in Unorganized Kenora District in northwestern Ontario, Canada.[1] It is on the MacFarlane River, and located at the northern terminus of Ontario Highway 658, 27 kilometres (17 mi) north of Kenora. Redditt is also the name of the surrounding geographic township that includes the community.[3][4]

Designated place
Location of Redditt in Ontario
Coordinates: 49°58′51″N 94°23′30″W[1]
PartKenora, Unorganized
  TypeLocal services board
  MPBob Nault (LPC)[2]
  MPPGreg Rickford (PC)
  Total69.39 km2 (26.79 sq mi)
335 m (1,099 ft)
  Density2.5/km2 (6/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−6 (Central)
  Summer (DST)UTC−5 (Central)
Postal code FSA
P0X 1M0
Area code(s)Area code 807

A designated place served by a local services board, Redditt had a population of 153 in the Canada 2011 Census.[5]


Until 1985, the main street of Redditt was called Highway 666. In 1985, an Evangelical Christian church located on the road nearer to Kenora asked for the highway to be renumbered, as there was a highway sign directly outside the church and they "got a lot of comments" from it being the number of the mark of the beast. Subsequently, the main street of Redditt and the road into town were renumbered to Highway 658.[6] Members of the church had argued to the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario that it was inappropriate for their church to be located on the "Highway to Hell." Redditt is also the starting point for what is locally known as the "English River Road," which provides access the exploitation of resources, mostly logging, in the region north of Redditt.

Once a location for a Canadian National Railway roundhouse, the rail-yard operations were closed down in the early 1950s when the CNR switched to diesel and electrics from steam. Ontario Central Airlines, owned by Barney Lamb, then established a maintenance facility in the old roundhouse for its fleet of amphibious charter aircraft. The old switch yard was used as a landing strip for wheel aircraft after the tracks had been pulled. The inflow to Corn Lake (the MacFarlane River) was then dredged, and a control dam was constructed at the out flow of Ena Lake to ensure an adequate water depth for the landing of amphibious aircraft, which were then towed by dolly to the former roundhouse for maintenance.

Redditt is on the Canadian National Railway transcontinental main line,[7] between Ena Lake to the west and Brinka to the east, and Redditt railway station is served by Via Rail transcontinental Canadian passenger trains.

There is no scheduled bus service to Redditt.


The primary economic activities are tourism and resource harvesting. Several hunting and sport fishing lodges and camps are found in Redditt. The facilities are usually quite basic, relying on the "external" or outdoor experience to provide the fun and excitement. Prices are generally quite affordable. Many outfitters, lodges, and camps (the terms are quite often interchangeable) provide varying levels of service from simple "house keeping" cabins to full "American plan" (generally understood to mean all-inclusive except for licenses, alcohol, and tobacco). Price is of course service level dependent. Some of the operators provide an "outpost" camp experience. These outlying camps or cabins can usually only be reached by air via float plane, or by canoe over one or more portages and lakes. Traditionally this has been seen as the truest wilderness experience. The areas where these "outposts" are located are more isolated, and less frequented by travelers, and thus often offer a higher potential for trophy hunting and fishing, and consequently also offer the non-hunter or non-angler a better chance to experience the northern wilderness uninterrupted without being imposed upon by strangers.

The greater proportion of the working population is employed in Kenora. There are many summer and weekend cottages/camps located in and around Redditt. The majority of these are owned by people from Manitoba (Winnipeg), and Kenora, with a few American People that have also purchased properties in and around Redditt. The relative remoteness and isolation, low density, and privacy are attractive to people seeking a "rustic" retreat or recreational experience. The cost of recreational properties around Redditt is still very affordable for average incomes, especially when compared to prices on Lake of the Woods, or the Winnipeg River. ATV Trails and Ski Trails are abundant around Redditt to experience true wilderness plus in Blue berry season people come from far and wide to pick their own supply of wild fresh blueberries. At the west side of Redditt, just north of Corn Lake, there is a rock quarry where high quality granite is mined. Visitors and residents are sometimes alarmed when blasting takes place at the quarry.

A branch of the Royal Canadian Legion is located in Redditt. There is also a Fire Hall, and a Community Club which hosts curling in Winter and also various other Community Functions etc.


Fishing and hunting are the primary recreational and tourism activities for Redditt, and the Northwestern Ontario region in general. Though so called ecotourism is also being promoted, it has however failed to develop fully. Locals (including the First Nations, or Aboriginal Peoples) historically engaged in hunting and fishing for food. As such, whitetail deer, moose, ducks and geese were and are the primary quarry for local hunting. Ruffed and spruce grouse are popular upland game birds. Snowshoe hare is a tradition catch for women and children. Walleye (pickerel), northern pike, whitefish and lake trout were the primary food fish species. Outfitting and sport hunting is still focused on whitetail and moose. Black bear and wolf are becoming more and more desirable for non-resident hunters, especially those from Europe and the USA. Many local residents find employment as hunting and/or fishing guides. The primary sport fish species are walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, lake trout and muskie.

Snowmobiling is a popular winter activity in Redditt. Snowmobile trails connect Redditt with Kenora. Day trips to Redditt from Kenora are very popular. It is also possible to travel by snowmobile from Redditt to Manitoba, and to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. The trails to Manitoba are fairly well maintained, and appropriate for operators of average ability. The trails to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park are single track, rugged, and extremely challenging, with many unpredictable water crossings and are therefore only appropriate for very experienced operators. Hiring an experienced guide is strenuously recommended, as is traveling in groups. It is always recommended to be prepared for self rescue when snowmobiling, winter weather conditions can prevent search and rescue from reaching those seeking aid for many days.

Norway Lake at the north end of town is a popular camping/picnic location. A fine beach and warm water make it an attractive outing destination in the summer. Armstrong Lake at the east end of town is also popular for recreation and fishing. Corn Lake at the south/west side of the village is also a popular fishing and swimming destination for residents and visitors.

Bottle House

There is an attraction called The Bottle House that was designed and built by Hank and Myrtle Deverell in 1973.[8] It took approximately 25,000 bottles and 1,000 pounds of mortar to build and the Deverells spent approximately 1,756 hours building it.


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