Red Shirts (film)

Red Shirts (Italian:Camicie rosse) is a 1952 French-Italian historical drama film directed by Goffredo Alessandrini and Francesco Rosi and starring Anna Magnani, Raf Vallone and Alain Cuny. The title refers to the historical Redshirts. It is also known as Anita Garibaldi. The film portrays the life of Anita Garibaldi (1821–1849), the wife of Italian unification leader Giuseppe Garibaldi.[1]

Red Shirts
Directed byGoffredo Alessandrini
Francesco Rosi
Produced byLuigi Carpentieri
Domenico Forges Davanzati
Giovanni Chiminelli
Written byEnzo Biagi
Renzo Renzi
Sandro Bolchi
Mario Serandrei
Suso Cecchi D'Amico
Nino Frank
Anna Magnani
StarringAnna Magnani
Raf Vallone
Alain Cuny
Jacques Sernas
Music byEnzo Masetti
CinematographyLeonida Barboni
Mario Parapetti
Marco Scarpelli
Edited byMario Serandrei
Grandi Film
Distributed byGrandi Film
Release date
15 August 1952
Running time
99 minutes



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