Red Monarch

Red Monarch is a 1983 British television film starring Colin Blakely as Joseph Stalin. It is directed by Jack Gold and features David Suchet as Lavrentiy Beria and David Threlfall as Stalin's son Vasily.[1]

Red Monarch
Directed byJack Gold
Produced byDavid Puttnam
Written byCharles Wood
StarringColin Blakely
David Suchet
David Kelly
Carroll Baker
David Threlfall
CinematographyMike Fash
Distributed byFilm4 Productions
Release date
16 June 1983 (UK)
Running time
100 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Red Monarch is a comedy based on The Red Monarch: Scenes From the Life of Stalin, a collection of short critical essays by the Russian dissident and former KGB agent Yuri Krotkov. The film depicts Soviet politics and the interplay between Stalin and his lieutenants, particularly Beria, during the last years of Stalin's rule. The reading of Yevgeny Yevtushenko's "The Heirs of Stalin"[2] in the final scene supposedly warns that the threat of totalitarianism is constantly present.


Box Office

Goldcrest Films invested £553,000 in the film and earned £292,000 making them a loss of £261,000.[3]


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