Real (hypermarket)

Real (stylized real) is a chain of hypermarkets in Germany, member of the German retailer Metro AG. It was formed in 1992, from the merger of chains divi, Basar, Continent, Esbella and real-kauf.

HeadquartersMönchengladbach, Germany
Key people
Didier Fleury was removed as Chief Exec in 2016 and a small coalition of board members took over his duties jointly.
Revenue7.4 billion (2017-18)
Number of employees
36,000 (2019)
ParentMetro AG


In 2006, Metro acquired Walmart's 85 stores in Germany[1] and 26 Géant hypermarkets in Poland from the French retail group Groupe Casino.[2]

In November 2012, Metro sold its 91 Real hypermarkets in Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine to Auchan for €1.1 billion.[3] In 2014, it sold its 12 Real hypermarkets in Turkey.[4]

In September 2018, Metro AG announced the split from Real and sale of all hypermarkets.


As well as food, Real also offers a wide assortment of household goods, electrical appliances, books, media, textiles and footwear (sports and regular footwear are concessions owned by Hamm Market Solutions GmbH & Co KG, based in Osnabruck, Germany), sports goods, and stationery. In addition to branded products, several store brands are offered including discount label TiP (Toll im Preis - Great Price), mid-price real Quality, premium brand realSelection, real Bio organic products and Watson consumer electronics.

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