Raytheon AN/MSQ-18 Battalion Missile Operations System

The Raytheon AN/MSQ-18 Battalion Missile Operations System[1] (AN/TSQ-38 for the helicopter-transportable variant)[2] was a Project Nike command, control, and coordination system for "each associated missile battery" to control a Nike missile as directed from a Raytheon AN/MSQ-28 at the Army Air Defense Command Post.[3] Raytheon Company[4] constructed the AN/MSQ-18 as 2 separate subsystems:

  • the AN/MSQ-18's operations central in a trailer van with 2 "Surveillance and Entry Consoles"USAREUR Partial Photos - 2-56th Arty and serving as "the tactical command post of the air defense battalion … capable of either monitoring the engagement or actually making assignments of targets to its batteries",[5] and
  • the AN/MSQ-18's coder-decoder group (CDG) as the trailer van at each battery to "decode the digital data coming to the battery [for use] by the guided misslle system."[5][6]


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