Raymond G. Stokes

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Raymond G. Stokes
Alma materOhio State University
OccupationBusiness historian

Raymond G. Stokes Ph.D FAcSS,[1] (Born 1956, Pittsburgh),[2] is an American academic historian and the current Chair of Business History and Director of the Centre for Business History in Scotland at the University of Glasgow.

Early life

Raymond G. Stokes was born in 1956. He holds a Ph.D from the Ohio State University.


Stokes taught at Case Western Reserve University and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he received tenure.[3][4] In 1995, he joined the University of Glasgow.

Stokes has been the President of the European Business History Association, the Editor-in-Chief of the Zeitschrift für Untenehmensgeschichte, and served on the Council of the Association of Business Historians. Currently, he is Editor-in-Chief of the leading journal in the field, Business History. He is the author or co-author of seven books, some of which have been written in, or translated into, German.[5]

Stokes is the director of the Centre for Business History in Scotland (CBH), Scotland’s only research unit in the discipline, with 13 full members engaged in teaching and research. The prime objective of the CBH is to encourage, facilitate and conduct research in all aspects of business history, with particular emphasis on corporate governance, innovation and organisational change. CBH was established following thirty years of investment in business history, which culminated in 1987 in the founding and funding of centre and library within the Department of Economic and Social history at Glasgow University.[6] Tony Slaven was appointed as the inaugural Director of the Centre, also holding the Chair in Business History. Notably, CBH was one of the first permanently funded research centres, and consequently independent of the need to secure funds by accepting commissioned business histories. Stokes succeeded Slaven upon the latter's retirement in 2005.[7]

His research interests are primarily in German Business History, in particular business during the Third Reich, and comparisons of technology, innovation and the environment in Germany and America from 1933 to 1990. Most recently he has made headlines for a project examining the links between Thalidomide and Nazi Germany.[8]


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