Raw Greatest Hits: The Music

Raw Greatest Hits: The Music is a compilation album released by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on December 18, 2007, to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the TV program, Monday Night RAW.[1] It features theme-music of Raw roster-members of the time - as well as that of former members.

Raw Greatest Hits: The Music
Compilation album by
ReleasedDecember 18, 2007
Hard Rock
Hip Hop
LabelColumbia, WWE Music Group
ProducerD. Pitman, Edward Murry, J. Grinnage, John Cena, M. Predka, Russell, Robert L.
World Wrestling Entertainment chronology
WWE The Music, Vol. 7
Raw Greatest Hits: The Music
WWE The Music, Vol. 8

The album, the first WWE album-release to feature the themes "Turn Up the Trouble" for Mr. Kennedy and "Paparazzi" for Melina/MNM, also marks the first time a bonus track from a previous WWE album, Kane's theme "Slow Chemical" by Finger Eleven (previously a bonus track on Canadian and FYE store releases of 2002's WWF Forceable Entry), appears as one of the main tracks. It also features main tracks from a previous album: Randy Orton's theme "Burn in My Light" by Mercy Drive, and Shane McMahon's WWE-produced theme "Here Comes the Money", as exclusive (in this case, to releases sold at Wal-Mart and the United Kingdom) bonus tracks. It was Re-Released by WWE as WWE: Raw Greatest Hits - The Music exclusively on iTunes with 3 bonus tracks.

Track listing

Track Artist Song Subject Length
1 John Cena and Tha Trademarc "The Time is Now" John Cena 2:58
2 Jim Johnston "I Won't Do What You Tell Me" Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:03
3 Jim Johnston "If You Smell..." The Rock 2:56
4 Motörhead "The Game" Triple H 3:29
5 Shawn Michaels "Sexy Boy" Shawn Michaels 3:22
6 Jim Johnston "Rest in Peace" The Undertaker 3:16
7 Jim Johnston with Peter Bursuker "No Chance In Hell" Mr. McMahon 1:59
8 Saliva "I Walk Alone" Batista 4:08
9 Motörhead "Line In the Sand" Evolution 3:40
10 Jim Johnston with Adam Morenoff "Break the Walls Down" Chris Jericho 2:03
11 Jim Johnston "Wreck" Mick Foley 3:02
12 Jim Johnston with Lil' Kim "Time to Rock & Roll" Trish Stratus 3:13
13 Jim Johnston with Chris Classic "(619)" Rey Mysterio 2:50
14 Finger Eleven "Slow Chemical" Kane 3:42
15 Jim Johnston with Chris Warren "Are You Ready?" D-Generation X 2:14
16 Jim Johnston "Paparazzi" Melina 3:06
17 Jim Johnston with Ted Nigro "Turn Up the Trouble" Mr. Kennedy 3:33

UK & Wal-Mart Edition Bonus Tracks

Track Artist Song Subject Length
18 Jim Johnston "Here Comes the Money" Shane McMahon 2:47
19 Mercy Drive "Burn In My Light" Randy Orton 3:58

Re-Released Edition Bonus Tracks

Track Artist Song Subject Length
18 Jim Johnston "Enchanted Isle" Primo & Epico 3:50
19 Jim Johnston "Meat on the Table (Shell Shocked Mix)" Ryback 2:46
20 Sugar Tongue Slim "Making Moves" The Prime Time Players 3:13

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