Rankings of universities in China

Universities in China are ranked in a number of ways, including both national and international ranks.

International Rankings

QS World University Rankings

World Ranking[note 1]
Tsinghua University17
Peking University30
Fudan University44
Shanghai Jiao Tong University59
Zhejiang University68
University of Science and Technology of China98
Nanjing University122
Wuhan University257
Harbin Institute of Technology285
Tongji University291
Beijing Normal University292
Sun Yat Sen University295
Xi'an Jiaotong University313
Nankai University338
Huazhong University of Science and Technology415
Shanghai University422
Tianjin University443
Beijing Institute of Technology464
Jilin University475
Xiamen University476
Beihang University491
University of Science and Technology Beijing500
East China Normal University501-510
Southeast University511-520
Renmin University of China521-530
East China University of Science and Technology531-540
Shandong University541-550
South China University of Technology541-550
Dalian University of Technology571-580
Lanzhou University601-650
Sichuan University601-650
China Agricultural University651-700
Hunan University701-750
Shanghai International Studies University701-750
Beijing Foreign Studies University751-800
Beijing Jiaotong University751-800
Beijing University of Technology751-800
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China751-800
Central South University801-1000
Chongqing University801-1000

Times Higher Education World University Rankings

World Ranking[note 1]
Tsinghua University22
Peking University31
University of Science and Technology of China93
Zhejiang University101
Fudan University104
Nanjing University134
Shanghai Jiao Tong University189
Southern University of Science and Technology301-350
Sun Yat Sen University301-350
Wuhan University301-350
Huazhong University of Science and Technology351-400
Nankai University351-400
Harbin Institute of Technology401-500
Tongji University401-500
Beihang University401-500
East China Normal University501-600
Hunan University501-600
Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology501-600
Renmin University of China501-600
Shandong University501-600
Soochow University501-600
South China University of Technology501-600
Southeast University501-600
Tianjin University501-600
Xiamen University501-600
Xian Jiaotong University501-600
Beijing Institute of Technology601-800
Central South University601-800
China Agricultural University601-800
China University of Geosciences, Beijing601-800
Dalian University of Technology601-800
East China University of Science and Technology601-800
Fuzhou University601-800
Huazhong Agricultural University601-800
Nanjing Agricultural University601-800
Nanjing Medical University601-800
Nanjing Normal University601-800
Nanjing Tech University601-800
Northeast Normal University601-800
Northwestern Polytechnical University601-800
Shenzhen University601-800
Sichuan University601-800
Beijing Jiaotong University801-1000
Capital Medical University801-1000
China University of Geosciences801-1000
China University of Mining and Technology801-1000
China University of Petroleum, Beijing801-1000
China Pharmaceutical University801-1000
Chongqing University801-1000
Jiangsu University801-1000
Jilin University801-1000
Jinan University801-1000
Northeastern University801-1000
Northwest University801-1000
Northwest A&F University801-1000
Ocean University of China801-1000
University of Science and Technology Beijing801-1000
Shanghai University801-1000
Shantou University801-1000
Southern Medical University801-1000
Wuhan University of Technology801-1000
Xiangtan University801-1000
Xidian University801-1000
Yangzhou University801-1000
Guangxi University1001+
Harbin Engineering University1001+
Huaqiao University1001+
North China Electric Power University1001+
Shanghai Maritime University1001+
University of South China1001+
Southwest Jiaotong University1001+
Yanshan University1001+

Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)

World Ranking[note 1]
Tsinghua University45
Peking University57
Zhejiang University67
Fudan University101-150
Shanghai Jiao Tong University101-150
Sun Yat Sen University101-150
University of Science and Technology of China101-150
Harbin Institute of Technology151-200
Huazhong University of Science and Technology151-200
Nanjing University151-200
Sichuan University151-200
Xian Jiaotong University151-200
Beihang University201-300
Beijing Normal University201-300
Central South University201-300
Dalian University of Technology201-300
Jilin University201-300
Soochow University201-300
South China University of Technology201-300
Southeast University201-300
Tianjin University201-300
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China201-300
Wuhan University201-300
China Agricultural University301-400
East China University of Science and Technology301-400
Hunan University301-400
Lanzhou University301-400
Nanjing Agricultural University301-400
Nanjing University of Science and Technology301-400
Nankai University301-400
Northwestern Polytechnical University301-400
Shandong University301-400
Tongji University301-400
Wuhan University of Technology301-400
Xiamen University301-400
Beijing Institute of Technology401-500
Beijing University of Chemical Technology401-500
Capital Medical University401-500
China University of Geosciences401-500
Chongqing University401-500
East China Normal University401-500
Harbin Engineering University401-500
Huazhong Agricultural University401-500
Nanjing Medical University401-500
Nanjing Tech University401-500
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics401-500
Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology401-500
Northeastern University401-500
Peking Union Medical College401-500
Shanghai University401-500
University of Science and Technology Beijing401-500
Beijing Jiaotong University501-600
Beijing University of Technology501-600
Hefei University of Technology501-600
Jinan University501-600
North China Electric Power University501-600
Northwest A&F University501-600
Ocean University of China501-600
Shenzhen University501-600
Southern Medical University501-600
Southern University of Science and Technology501-600
Zhengzhou University501-600
Army Medical University601-700
China Medical University601-700
China University of Geosciences, Beijing601-700
China University of Mining and Technology601-700
China University of Petroleum, Beijing601-700
Donghua University601-700
Fuzhou University601-700
Jiangnan University601-700
Jiangsu University601-700
National University of Defense Technology601-700
Naval Medical University601-700
Northeast Normal University601-700
Northwest University601-700
Southwest University601-700
Tianjin Medical University601-700
Wenzhou Medical University601-700
Xidian University601-700
Anhui Medical University701-800
China University of Petroleum701-800
Chongqing Medical University701-800
Guangzhou Medical University701-800
Hangzhou Dianzi University701-800
Hangzhou Normal University701-800
Harbin Medical University701-800
Hohai University701-800
Military Medical University of the Air Force701-800
Nanchang University701-800
Qingdao University701-800
Nanjing Normal University701-800
Renmin University of China701-800
South China Agricultural University701-800
Southwest Jiaotong University701-800
Yangzhou University701-800
Yunnan University701-800
Beijing Forestry University801-900
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications801-900
China Pharmaceutical University801-900
Fujian Agriculture Forestry University801-900
Guizhou University801-900
Huaqiao University801-900
Huazhong Normal University801-900
Ningbo University801-900
Shaanxi Normal University801-900
Shanxi University801-900
South China Normal University801-900
Taiyuan University of Technology801-900
Yanshan University801-900
Zhejiang University of Technology801-900
Anhui University901-1000
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine901-1000
Changzhou University901-1000
Dalian Medical University901-1000
Guangxi University901-1000
Hebei Medical University901-1000
Henan University901-1000
Hunan Normal University901-1000
Kunming University of Science and Technology901-1000
Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications901-1000
Nantong University901-1000
Shantou University901-1000
Sichuan Agricultural University901-1000


  1. Order shown in accordance with the latest result.


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