Ranchuelo is a town and municipality in the Villa Clara Province of Cuba. It was founded in 1734[1] and has a municipal population of 59,062, of which about 16,804 in the town itself.

Town hall
Ranchuelo municipality (red) within
Villa Clara Province (yellow) and Cuba
Coordinates: 22°22′35.2″N 80°09′03.6″W
ProvinceVilla Clara
Established1879 (Municipality)
  Total556 km2 (215 sq mi)
125 m (410 ft)
  Density106.2/km2 (275/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Area code(s)+53-422


Originally named Boca de Ranchuelo, the settlement was founded by Dionisio Consuegra on October 1, 1734. In 1856 it was linked to the national rail network, and in 1879 gained the municipal status.[1]


The town is divided into the barrios of Norte, Poza de la China, Sitio Viejo and Sur.[1] The municipality counts the town proper (with 16,804 inhabitants)[4] and the consejos populares (i.e. "people's councils", mainly villages and hamlets) of Carlos Caraballo, Castaño, Conyedo, Diez de Octubre, Esperanza, Horqueta-Delicias, Ifraín Alfonso (also known as Central Santa María), Jicotea, Osvaldo Herrera (also known as Pastora), Rancho Grande-Jagua and San Juan de los Yeras.[5]

Ranchuelo is 7 km from San Juan de los Yeras, 9 from Esperanza, 16 from Cruces, 28 from Santa Clara, 43 from Cienfuegos and 256 from Havana. It borders with the municipalities of Santo Domingo, Cifuentes, Santa Clara, Manicaragua, Cruces and Lajas.[6]


In 2004, the municipality of Ranchuelo had a population of 59,062.[3] With a total area of 556 km2 (215 sq mi),[2] it has a population density of 106.2/km2 (275/sq mi).


Ranchuelo is served by the A1 motorway at the homonym exit, also known as "Ranchuelo-Cienfuegos".[7] It counts a railway station on the Santa Clara-Cienfuegos line, that is also the western terminus of a freight line to Mataguá.[8]

Esperanza, the most populated municipal hamlet, is crossed in the middle by the "Carretera Central" state highway.

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