Ramona Badescu (author)

Ramona Badescu (sometimes written Ramona Bădescu) is a French author of children's literature. Born in Romania, Badescu immigrated to France at the age of 10. She has published 25 books in French since 2002, that have subsequently been translated into English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, German, Korean, Norwegian, and Greek.

Badescu's most popular children book series, Pomelo the Garden Elephant, follows the adventures of the titled protagonist, who is a tiny garden elephant about the size of a dandelion. The series, which is illustrated by Benjamin Chaud, began in 2003 with Pomelo est bien sous son pissenlit ("Pomelo is well under his dandelion") which has not yet been translated in English. There are currently 13 books available in the Pomelo series in French (Albin Michel) and 4 translated into English (Enchanted Lion Books).


  • Pomelo Begins to Grow (2011) Enchanted Lion Books ISBN 978-1-59270-111-7
  • Pomelo Explores Color (2012) Enchanted Lion Books ISBN 978-1-59270-126-1
  • Pomelo's Opposites (2013) Enchanted Lion Books ISBN 978-1-59270-132-2
  • Pomelo's Big Adventure (2014) Enchanted Lion Books ISBN 978-1-59270-158-2
  • Big Rabbit's Bad Mood (2009) Chronicle Books ISBN 978-0-81186-666-8


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