Rambler Channel

Rambler Channel is a body of water in Hong Kong that separates Tsing Yi Island from Tsuen Wan and Kwai Chung in the New Territories. The channel separates the two landmasses by 900 metres at its widest point.

Rambler Channel
over Rambler Channel
Traditional Chinese藍巴勒海峽
Simplified Chinese蓝巴勒海峡

Historically, the channel was known as Tsing Yi Mun (青衣門) and Tsing Yi Channel (青衣海峽).

The shoreline of the channel has changed rapidly in the last several decades, owing to the development of Tsuen Wan New Town and the Kwai Chung Container Port. Before extensive reclamation, Gin Drinkers Bay was located along the eastern shore of the channel, and Tsing Yi Bay was located along the western shore. Three islands (Nga Ying Chau, Pillar Island and Mong Chau) once stood in the channel as well.

Port facilities


Six road bridges and one rail bridge span the channel:

Ferry piers

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