Raiders of the Desert

It features an early appearance by Maria Montez. It was the first time she made a movie set in the Orient.[2]

Raiders of the Desert
Directed byJohn Rawlins
Produced byBen Pivar
Written byMaurice Tombragel
Victor I. McLeod
Based onoriginal story by Tombragel & McLeod
StarringAndy Devine
Richard Arlen
Maria Montez
Turhan Bey
CinematographyJohn W. Boyle
Distributed byUniversal
Release date
July 1941
Running time
60 minutes
CountryUnited States

Raiders of the Desert is a 1941 film.[1]


Two adventurers, Dick and Andy, jump a ship in a Middle Eastern port, which is benefiting from the development by American businessman Jones. However some local Arabs, led by Sheikh Talifah, wish to take over. They try to assassinate Jone and succeed in killing the local Arab leader. However Dick and Andy lead a fight back which results in Talifah being killed. Dick marries Jones' secretary, Alice.



Richard Arlen and Andy Devine had been teamed a number of times for Universal. Filming started in early June 1941. Maria Montez was given a role but it was a relatively small one.[3] It was released by July of that year.


The Los Angeles Times called the film "entertaining" and that Arlen and Devine were "a very happy team... Maria Montez is attractive as an oasis charmer".[4]

The Monthly Film Bulletin called it "a naive story presented in a crude fashion" with "some exciting moments with competent acting".[5]


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