Raharney Ringfort

Raharney Ringfort is a ringfort located in County Westmeath, Ireland and a National Monument.[1]

Raharney Ringfort
Ráth Fhearna • Ráth Athairne
Shown within Ireland
LocationRaharney, County Westmeath, Ireland
Coordinates53.521689°N 7.104459°W / 53.521689; -7.104459
Altitude83 m (272 ft)
Area0.17 ha (0.42 acres)
Diameter39 m (128 ft)
Height3 m (9.8 ft)
CulturesGaelic Ireland
Site notes
Official nameRaherney
Reference no.572


Raharney Ringfort is located immediately west of Raharney village, just south of the R156.[2]


Raths were ancient circular fortified settlements or homesteads in Gaelic Ireland (i.e. prior to 1170). The name is from the Irish Ráth Fhearna (ringfort of alder) or Ráth Athairne (ringfort of Athirne, a mythical poet).[3][4]


The rath is relatively small, covering 0.17 ha (0.42 acres). it is visible today as a slight hill in the middle of a field, covered in trees.


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