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Radio Singapore International (abbrev: RSI; Chinese: 新加坡国际广播电台 Pinyin: Xīnjiāpō Guójì Guǎngbō Diàntái; Malay: Radio Internasional Singapura) was the official international broadcasting station of Singapore and the largest radio international broadcasting company in Singapore existing from 1 January 1994 to 31 December 2001. The predecessor of MediaCorp Radio successor of the radio broadcasting arm of the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) was privatised on 1 January 1994 at 00:00 am (UTC+8) in conjunction with New Year's Day 1994 at midnight into three individual companies, one of which was TCS and RCS. RCS subsequently went through a group restructure under the SIM Group of Companies based parent by Singapore International Media (SIM) on 1 January 2002 and became MediaCorp Radio.

Radio Singapore International (RSI)
TypeRadio network
First air date
1 January 1994 as Radio Corporation of Singapore (RCS)
1 January 2002 as MediaCorp Radio
Founded1 January 1994 as Radio Corporation of Singapore (RCS)
1 January 2002 as MediaCorp Radio
MottoVoice of Singapore
Suara Singapura
SloganVoice of Singapore
Suara Singapura
Licence area
Caldecott Broadcasting Centre
Broadcast area
OwnerRadio Corporation of Singapore (RCS)
MediaCorp Radio
Key people
Ho Kwon Ping
Launch date
1 January 1994 as Radio Corporation of Singapore (RCS)
1 January 2002 as MediaCorp Radio
Dissolved31 July 2008
GroupSingapore International Media (SIM)

Radio Singapore International (RSI) was a shortwave radio station that broadcast out of Singapore. The station which was run by 'Radio Corporation of Singapore (RCS) now MediaCorp Radio broadcast in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay and Indonesian.

The English service operated on shortwave between 1100hrs - 1400hrs UTC daily on 6080 kHz and 6150 kHz (49m Band). A "Live" audio stream was also available on its website. Its signal was carried "Live" for an hour daily on Singapore's main English news station 938LIVE (FM 93.8 MHz).

RSI's news and current affairs programming cover financial, economic, and political developments around the world, but primarily around Southeast Asia.

RSI's lifestyle programmes cover a variety of areas, from culture and travel to the Internet and technology. Music played on the station ranges from classic and oldies, to contemporary and easy listening.

Sakuntala Gupta was Senior Programme Director of RSI (English).

Past producers/presenters of RSI's English service were: Bharati Jagdish, who now co-anchors a morning show on MediaCorp Radio 938 LIVE, Ariel Wee, Chan Kah Mei, Daphne Tan, Howie Lim, Belinda Sunshine, Augustine Anthuvan, Felix Tan, Melanie Yip, Loretta Foo, Michael Darren Tan, Jason Tan and Shereena Sajeed.

Past contributors of RSI were: William Xavier, Janadas Devan, Chris Ho, and Mike Kellerman.

On 1 January 2005, RSI (English) also launched a microsite which features articles covering a range of issues related to travel, entertainment and controversial socio-political issues.

Notable Former RSI Crews (Malay Service)

Inon Salleh - most recently a Malay news editor for Radio
Roslinda Rahmat - most recently a Malay news editor for TV
Ibrahim Sawifi - most recently a Malay news editor for TV
Illydea Ishak - most recently an understudy for Warna 94.2fm
Saifulbahri Ismail - most recently an English news editor for TV
Haslinda Ali
Norshima Aziz - most recently a Malay news editor for Radio
Faridah Hassan (Freda) - most recently a RIA 89.7fm DJ
Zawiyah Majid (Zaza)- most recently a Warna 94.2fm DJ

Former RSI Crews (Indonesian Service)

Tjandra Mualim - died in 2015
Harry Suhartanto - died in 2013
Budi Setiawan - residing in Jakarta
Fransiska Beding - now lives in Macau
Eva Mazrieva - currently Producer at Voice of America in Washington
Rane Hafied - currently works for an agency in Bangkok
Ni Wayan Suryatini - currently works at Metro TV Jakarta
Monang Harahap - currently works in Jakarta
Entin Supriati - currently works in Depok, West Java
Vina Mubtadi - currently works as Producer at Voice of America in Washington
Aji Rokhadi - currently works at Radio Japan, NHK World, Tokyo


On 3 June 2008, MediaCorp announced that RSI would end its transmission on 31 July 2008. MediaCorp said "The effectiveness of a shortwave radio service has diminished over time, with changing technology and media consumption habits", thus "It is no longer optimal to continue with a full regional radio service".[1]

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