Radio Parade of 1935

Radio Parade of 1935 (1934), released in the US as Radio Follies, is a British comedy film directed by Arthur B. Woods and starring Will Hay, Clifford Mollison and Helen Chandler.[1][2]

Radio Parade of 1935
Directed byArthur B. Woods
Produced byWalter C. Mycroft
Written byPaul Perez
StarringWill Hay
Helen Chandler
Clifford Mollison
Davy Burnaby
Alfred Drayton
Music byBenjamin Frankel
CinematographyCyril Bristow
Phil Grindrod
Edited byEdward B. Jarvis
Distributed byWardour Films
Release date
  • 1934 (1934)
Running time
96 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


The film tells the story of the sophisticated Director General of the National Broadcasting Group (Will Hay) who promotes the ambitious Head of Complaints to Programmer Director (Clifford Mollison) in an attempt to stem the number of complaints he is receiving owing to the station's overly intellectual programming. In 1930s British slang, the acronym "NBG" stood for "no bloody good". The character played by Hay is clearly intended to be a satirical parody of Lord Reith, and the NBG the BBC.


Production background and preservation status

Two sequences in the film were filmed in Dufaycolor. The film is extant.

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  3. Name is spelled Garlon on door of character's office in the first few scenes but referred to in speech as Garland

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