Radio Espace

Radio Espace is a French local radio station created in the mid-1990s, broadcasting mainly in and around the city of Lyon. The station is owned by the Espace Group.[1]

Radio Espace
Broadcast areaFrance
SloganLa plus Lyon des Radios
Frequency96.9 MHz (Lyon)
105.7 MHz (Vallée d'Azergues)
97.5 MHz (Sainte-Foy-l'Argentière)
First air date1990s
OwnerEspace Group
Sister stationsAlpes 1
Jazz Radio
Là la Radio
La Radio Plus
MFM Radio
ODS Radio
Radio Sun
Virage Radio

The station's format is mainly Dance, RnB and Groove music.


Radio Espace was created in the early 1990s as a local independent radio station, in a maison de la culture, "Espace Jean Bargoin", located in Lyon.[2]

Around 1998, Radio Espace is purchased by Christophe Mahé to make the radio station become part of Espace Group. Some time later, Radio Espace becomes member of the GIE of regional independent radio stations of Les Indépendants (The Independents).[3]

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