Radio Contact (Belgium)

Radio Contact is a Belgian commercial music radio station created in 1980, broadcasting in French in the French Community of Belgium.

Radio Contact
CitySchaerbeek (Brussels)
Broadcast areaBelgium
SloganFeel Good
102.2 MHz (Brussels, Liège, Charleroi)
102.0 MHz (Mons)
104.7 MHz (Namur)
First air date9 February 1980
FormatPop, Top-40
OwnerRadio H
RTL Group
Sister stationsBel RTL
Radio Contact (Eupen)
WebcastListen live

The station is part of the Belgian Radio H holding, which belongs to RTL Group.


Radio Contact is created in 1980 by Francis Lemaire, Pierre Houtmans, Freddy Neyts and Catherine Servaes, after replacing the local radio station of Brussels Radio Kosmos.

The first broadcasts of Radio Contact were in Dutch and French, in 1981 the French-speaking Contact stayed on the frequency 101.3 MHz, and the Dutch-speaking Contact got the 104.0 MHz frequency in the Brussels area.

In November 1995, the German-speaking version, Radio Contact (Eupen) was created for the German Community of Belgium.

Today, Radio Contact is one of the most popular radio stations in the French and German-speaking Community of Belgium.


In 1986, the Flemish version was created Radio Contact Vlaanderen. After the arrival of Q-Music and competing with Radio Donna the Flemish radio station lost many listeners.

On 12 December 2008, Radio Contact Vlaanderen announces to stop broadcasting and was eventually replaced in 2009 by ClubFM.

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