Radio Cab Murder

Radio Cab Murder is a 1954 British crime film directed by Vernon Sewell and starring Jimmy Hanley, Lana Morris and Sonia Holm.[1]

Radio Cab Murder
Original Australian poster
Directed byVernon Sewell
Produced byGeorge Maynard
executive (uncredited):
Nat Cohen
Stuart Levy
Written byVernon Sewell
StarringJimmy Hanley
Lana Morris
Sonia Holm
Jack Allen
CinematographyGeoffrey Faithfull
Edited byPeter Graham Scott
Distributed byEros Films
Release date
October 1954
Running time
70 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


After serving a term in prison for safe-cracking, Fred Martin finds work as a taxi cab driver. He is approached by a gang that recruits ex-cons, but, wishing to go straight, he informs the police and they send him undercover to join the gang and expose its leader. But the gang discovers Martin's identity and tries to kill him by locking him in a deep freezer. He is saved by his cabby friends who ride to the rescue and corner the crooks.[2]


Critical reception

  • The Radio Times gave the film two out of five stars.[3]
  • TV Guide also gave two out of five stars, and wrote, "a good cast is all that saves this weakly scripted effort."[2]
  • Sky Movies also rated the film two out of five stars, and noted, "Vernon Sewell was both a competent and prolific director in the genre and brings a professional crispness that many of his contemporaries lacked."[4]


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