Radio 2 (Belgium)

Radio 2 is a Belgian radio channel operated by the Flemish public broadcaster Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT).

Broadcast areaFlanders
SloganDe grootste familie
(The largest family)
FormatPopular, regional

Radio 2 describes itself as "the largest family in Flanders". It offers a broad choice of music with the focus on Dutch speaking and Flemish productions. By offering this kind of music, information and entertainment Radio 2 attracts a wide audience. The Radio 2 programmes focus on the daily life topics of its listeners as well as important social issues.

The regional programmes put special attention on local news. The channel’s news and information programmes concentrate on regional and national politics, culture, economy and sport.

Logos and identities




Regional variations

Radio 2 is broadcast in five regional versions, each with its own regional news bulletins (up to 6 per day) and dedicated sequences at breakfast time (Start je dag, Mon–Fri, 6-8) and midday (De Middag, Mon–Fri, 12-13). The five regions concerned are:

Radio 2 Antwerpen

  • Based in: Antwerp
  • Frequencies: 97.5 FM
  • Presenters: Nathalie Allard, Els Broekmans, Jelle Cleymans, Maarten Cox, Sam De Meulder, Kris Luyten, Sharon Slegers, Nathalie Sterckx, Tine Van Hauteghem

Radio 2 Limburg

  • Based in: Hasselt, Limburg
  • Frequencies: 97.9 FM
  • Presenters: Sander Beusen, Eva Droogmans, Daan Masset, Kaat Mendonck, Leen Paredis

Radio 2 Oost-Vlaanderen

  • Based in: Ghent, East Flanders
  • Frequencies: 89.8, 90.7 and 98.6 FM
  • Presenters: Ilse De Roeck, Dirk Ghys, Peter Hermans, Geert Houck, Nico Teirlinck, Niki Vandriessche, Joyce Verdonck, Jasper Verhulst

Radio 2 Vlaams-Brabant

  • Based in: Leuven, Vlaams-Brabant
  • Frequencies: 88.7, 92.4 and 93.7 FM
  • Presenters: Catherine Callens, Jeroen Guns, Catherine Lekime, Kristel Smout

Radio 2 West-Vlaanderen

  • Based in: Kortrijk, West Flanders
  • Frequencies: 100.1 FM
  • Presenters: Nico Blontrock, Margot Derycke, Jens Lemant, Herbert Verhaeghe
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