RPS Group

RPS Group plc (LSE: RPS) is a global professional services firm of consultants and service providers, headquartered in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

RPS Group plc
Public limited company
Traded asLSE: RPS
IndustryEnvironmental consulting, Upstream Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy consulting
HeadquartersAbingdon, Oxfordshire, UK
Key people
Ken Lever (Chairman)
John Douglas (CEO)
Revenue£637.4 million (2018)[1]
£54.0 million (2018)[1]
£29.7 million (2018)[1]
Number of employees
circa 5,500 (2018)[2]


RPS was founded in 1972, as Rural Planning Services,[3] with founder Michael Boddington as its first Chief Executive.[4] It was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1987.[3]

Sectors and services

RPS Group works across the property, energy, transport, water, resources, defence and government services sectors.[2]


Year Name Date of Acquisition
1989[5] Brian Clouston & Partners March
1991[6] WJ Cairns & Partners April
1994[7] Paleo Services Ltd June
Nigel Moore & Associates Plc June
Thomson Laboratories Ltd November
1995[8] Inspectorate Casella July
Safety & Reliability Consultants November
1997 BAK Nederland Beheer BV August
1998 Utility Technical Services Ltd April
1999[9] H2 Operations Ltd April
All Water Technology Ltd August
All Water Leasing
All Water Asia
2000[10] Environmental Engineering Ltd (EEL) March
BKH Advies Bureau BV April
Chapman Warren September
TPK Consulting December
2001[11] Ashdown Environmental Ltd April
Isochrone Holdings Ltd August
Town Planning Consultancy Ltd
McHugh Consultants Ltd December
European Laboratory Services (ELS) BV December
2002[12] Indepth Surveys Ltd April
J R Stansfield & Associates Ltd April
Probabilistic Risk Assessments Ltd
M C O’Sullivan and Company Ltd June
Ecoscope Applied Ecologists Ltd December
Ecoscope Conservation Partnership
2003[13] Emulous Group Ltd April
KCA Associates September
Hydrosearch Associates Ltd September
Woods Warren Ltd December
2004[14] Troy-Ikoda Ltd March
Mason Richards Partnership April
Bowman Bishaw Gorham April
European Safety & Health Consultants BV May
Flow Control (Water Conservation) Ltd June
Cambrian Consultants Ltd July
Kirk McClure Morton October
Ingenieursbureau BCC BV October
Coudon O’Sullivan Properties Ltd November
2005[15] Business Healthcare Ltd July
ECL Group Ltd September
2006[16] Ecos Consulting (Aut) Pty Ltd March
TLP Holdings Ltd March
Geoprojects Canada Ltd
Basicshare Ltd July
Martindale Holdings Ltd
Burks Green and Partners Ltd
Harper Somers O’Sullivan Pty Ltd November
Thonger Safety Associates November
2007[17] APA Petroleum Engineering Inc February
Geocon Group Services Ltd March
Geophysical Consultants Ltd
Geocon Asia Ltd and
Geocon International Ltd
Safety and Risk Practice Pty Ltd March
Netadmin Ltd June
MetOcean Engineers Pty Ltd August
The Scotia Group Inc November
Oil Experience Ltd November
JD Consulting LP December
2008[18] Kraan Consulting Holding BV February
RW Gregory LLP March
WTW and Associates Ltd March
Oceanfix International Ltd March
Land Management Unit Trust (Koltasz Smith) March
Rudall Blanchard Associates Group Ltd March
The GeoCet Group LLC April
Mountainheath Services Ltd September
Paras Ltd October
Business and Environmental Communications Ltd December
2009[19] Mary Murphy Associates Ltd January
Conics Pty July
2010[20] Health in Business Ltd March
Aquaterra Consulting Pty Ltd (AQT) May
Boyd Exploration Consultants Ltd September
2011[21] Evans Hamilton Inc February
Nautilus Ltd March
Terranean May
Espey Consultants Inc October
Applied Science October
2012[22] Manidis Roberts Pty July
2013[23] Ark Occupational Health January
Petroleum Institute for Continuing Education January
Knowledge Reservoir April
Asia Pacific Applied Science Associates July
HMA Land Services Ltd August
Ichron Ltd September
OEC Group November
2014[24] Whelans InSites February
Clear Environmental Consultants Ltd April
GaiaTech Holdings Inc May
CgMs Ltd August
Delphi AS August
Point Project Management Pty Ltd September
2015[25] Klotz Associates February
Metier Holdings AS April
Iris Environmental October
Everything Infrastructure Group October
2016[26] DBK Partners Ltd April
2018[27] Straight Talk April
2019[28] Corview February


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