RKVV Brabantia

RKVV Brabantia is a football club from Eindhoven, Netherlands. RKVV Brabantia plays in the 2017–18 Sunday Eerste Klasse C.

RKVV Brabantia
Full nameRooms-Katholieke Voetbalvereniging Brabantia
Founded1 March 1922
GroundSportpark Strijp, Eindhoven
LeagueEerste Klasse Sunday C (2019–20)
WebsiteClub website

In the season 1954/55 RKVV Brabantia played 1 year of professional football in the Eerste Klasse,[1] which can be compared to the Eredivisie nowadays. For financial reasons they were the first club to return to the amateur ranks after that season.

Prior to that, when the sport was still fully amateur based, RKVV Brabantia had some great successes in the mid 1930s. In those days there were still several football associations. One of them was the RKF/IVCB, only for clubs with a Roman Catholic background and the second largest association on national level after the (Koninklijke) Nederlandse Voetbalbond. In 1935/36 and 1936/37 RKVV Brabantia became twice national champions.[2]


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