R. Tyrrell Rockafellar

Ralph Tyrrell Rockafellar (born February 10, 1935) is an American mathematician and one of the leading scholars in optimization theory and related fields of analysis and combinatorics. He is professor emeritus at the departments of mathematics and applied mathematics at the University of Washington, Seattle. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[1]

Ralph Tyrrell Rockafellar
R. Tyrrell ("Terry") Rockafellar in 1977
Born (1935-02-10) February 10, 1935
ResidenceWashington, U.S.
Alma materHarvard University
Known forConvex analysis
Monotone operator
Calculus of variation
Stochastic programming
Oriented matroid
AwardsDantzig Prize of SIAM and MPS 1982
von Neumann citation of SIAM 1992
Frederick W. Lanchester Prize of INFORMS 1997-1998
John von Neumann Theory Prize of INFORMS 1999
Doctor Honoris Causa:
Groningen, Montpellier, Chile, Alicante
Scientific career
FieldsMathematical optimization
InstitutionsUniversity of Washington 1966-
University of Florida (adjunct) 2003-
University of Texas, Austin 1963–1965
ThesisConvex Functions and Dual Extremum Problems (1963)
Doctoral advisorGarrett Birkhoff
Notable studentsPeter Wolenski
Francis Clarke
InfluencesAlbert W. Tucker
Werner Fenchel
Roger J-B Wets
InfluencedRoger J-B Wets


Rockafellar received the John von Neumann Theory Prize from the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science and delivered the 1993 John von Neumann Lecture for the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).

Rockafellar and his coauthor Roger J-B Wets were awarded the Frederick W. Lanchester Prize for 1997 by Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS). He was elected to the 2002 class of Fellows of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.[2]

The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) lists Rockafellar as a highly cited researcher.[3]

Selected publications


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  • Rockafellar, R. T.; Wets, Roger J.-B. (1991). "Scenarios and policy aggregation in optimization under uncertainty". Math. Oper. Res. 16 (1): 119–147. doi:10.1287/moor.16.1.119.
  • Rockafellar, R. Tyrrell Monotone processes of convex and concave type. Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, No. 77 American Mathematical Society, Providence, R.I. 1967 i+74 pp.

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