R.I.S, police scientifique

R.I.S, police scientifique is a French television series, created by Stéphane Kaminka in 2005, broadcast by TF1 since 2006. The R.I.S. in the title is an acronym for Recherches et Investigations Scientifiques, referring to the fictional police investigation unit that is the focus of the series. The series, a crime drama, is a remake of an Italian television series entitled RIS Delitti Imperfetti.

R.I.S, police scientifique
GenreCrime drama
Created byStéphane Kaminka
StarringJean-Pierre Michaël
Pierre-Loup Rajot
Stéphane Metzger
Aurélie Bargème
Barbara Cabrita
Philippe Caroit
Jean Baptiste Marcenac
Laurent Olmedo
Claudia Tagbo
Jean Luc Joseph
Anne Charlotte Pontabry
Coraly Zahonero
Michael Voita
Laetitia Fourcade
Delfine Rollin
Country of originFrance
Original language(s)French
No. of seasons9
No. of episodes100 (list of episodes)
Production location(s)Paris, France
Running time52 minutes
Original networkTF1
Audio formatstereo
Original releaseJanuary 12, 2006 
February 20, 2014
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Plot summary

The Series follows team of crime lab experts who trying to solve crime. The Experts work with two detectives (from season 6 just one) and helps them to arrest suspects and gave them the evidence they need. There are five (in season 4 six and in season 5 seven) crime lab technicians. These experts are head of R.I.S Marc Venturi (seasons 1–2), Gilles Sagnac (seasons 3–6), Maxime Vernon (seasons 6-8) and Lucie Ballack (season 9). Under their command are technicians Hugo Chalonges (seasons 1–6), Malin Berkaoui, Nathalie Giesbert (seasons 1–5), Julie Labro (seasons 1–7), Frédéric Arthaud (seasons 4–9), Katia Schriver (seasons 5–8) and Émilie Durringer (seasons 7–9). Crime lab cooperate with medical experts dr. Alessandra Joffrin and dr. Gabriel Valmer (seasons 4–5) and with two detectives, captain Pierre Morand and lieutenant Martine Forest (seasons 1–5). Location of the series is in Paris, France.


  • Jean-Pierre Michaël – Marc Venturi (2005–07, 09): Head of the R.I.S
  • Philippe Caroit – Gilles Sagnac (2007–10): Head of the R.I.S
  • Michel Voïta – Maxime Vernon (2011–12): Head of the R.I.S
  • Delfinne Rollin – Lucie Ballak (2013–14): Head of the R.I.S
  • Pierre-Loup Rajot – Hugo Chalonges (2005–10)
  • Stéphane Metzger – Malik Berkaoui (2005–14)
  • Jean Luc Joseph – Frédéric Arthaud (2008–14)
  • Aurélie Bargème – Nathalie Giesbert (2005–09)
  • Anne Charlotte Pontabry – Katia Schriver (2009–12)
  • Barbara Cabrita – Julie Labro (2005–11)
  • Laetitia Fourcade – Émilie Durringer (2011–14)
  • Coraly Zahonero – Docteur Alessandra Joffrin (2005–14)
  • Jean-Baptiste Marcenac – Docteur Gabriel Valmer (2008–10)
  • Laurent Olmedo – Captain Pierre Morand (2005–14)
  • Claudia Tagbo – Lieutenant Martine Forest (2005–09)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Marc VenturiJean-Pierre MichaëlMainGuestArchive footage
Hugo ChalongesPierre-Loup RajotMainRecurring
Malik BarkaouiStéphane MetzgerMain
Nathalie GiesbertAurélie BargèmeMainRecurring
Julie LabroBarbara CabritaMainArchive footage
Gilles SagnacPhilippe CaroitMain
dr. Gabriel ValmerJean Baptiste MarcenacMainRecurring
Captain Pierre MaurandLaurent OlmedoRecurringMain
Lieutenant Martine ForestClaudia TagboRecurringMainRecurring
Frédéric ArthaudJean Luc JosephRecurringMain
Katia SchriverAnne Charlotte PontabryMain
dr. Alessandra JoffrinCoraly ZahoneroRecurringMain
Commander Maxime VernonMichel VoïtaMainArchive footage
Émilie DurringerLaetitia FourcadeMain
Commandant Lucie BallackDelfine RollinMain


  • Marc Venturi

Mark was the head of the R.I.S for first two seasons of the show. He was brief in relationship with Julie. He has a wife, who was kidnapped. And all the time he was boss he never stop looking for her. At the end of second season he resigned R.I.S and told Hugo that he found his wife and he is going to meet her. He returned once in season five to help the team to find a bomber. At the time he became a special adviser in the bomb-squad.

  • Hugo Chalonges

Hugo is expert in physics and chemistry. He is close friend to both Marc Venturi and Gilles Sagnac. He has a daughter Cécile, who is invalid. In season 6 Hugo faked his death with help of Gillas and Alessandra that he can investigate a fabric business where some women who worked there had a miscarriage, because they inhaled some gasses. Later team found out that he faked his death. They were shocked, especially Fred. At the end of the episode when Gilles was fired for his actions Hugo quit.

  • Malik Berkaoui

Malik is expert in ballistic. He was in romantic relationship with Julie and before her with Cécile, Hugo's daughter. In season 7 he was captured by Julie's killer and had a bomb on his chest. The team succeeded in freeing him. In season 9 he was in romantic relationship with a women named Coralie "Lilou" Dumas. Later Lilou was murdered and killer framed him. Malik later escapes from police custody and go on revenge. He went on a roof across the flat of a killer and he wanted to kill him, but he changed his mind because he is not killer. At the end of the final season he left R.I.S to go on treatment, but he told Ballack that he will be back.

  • Nathalie Giesbert

Nathalie is expert in biology. She was on the show from season 1 to 5. At the beginning of season 5 she take Eloise on her first field assignment and left her in apartment to investigate. In apartment was gas leaking and later the flat exploded. Nathalie quit in episode 3 with feelings that she is responsible for Eloise's death.

  • Julie Labro

Julie is expert in electronic. She was in brief romantic relationship with Marc and in romantic relationship with Mailc. She was almost killed in season one while working on a device found on crime scene. The device exploded, but she make it. In season seven she was target of killer who blame her and Malik because they weren't properly investigate death of his wife and thought that are suicide. At the end of episode 1 the bomb exploded in Julie's apartment and Malik was trying to call her. In episode 2 Malik entered in her apartment and found her. She was driven to a hospital where she died.

  • Dr. Alessandra Joffrin

Alessandra is a medical examiner who works with team and provides them autopsies and CODs and TODs. In season 4 she was captured in refrigerator truck by a killer. The team found her when she was near the death. She took leave of absence of 4 episodes to recover herself. She return to the job in episode 6 of season 4. In season 8 she was in romantic relationship with Maurand and in season 9 they have a baby.

  • Pierre Maurand

Pierre is a police detective with the rank of captain. He was close friend to Marc and Gilles. In season 8 it is revealed that he is in romantic relationship with Alessandra. In season 9 they have a baby.

  • Martine Forest

Martine is a police detective with the rank of lieutenant. She also worked with team when they had a two crime scenes. She worked with one part and Maurand with the other part of the team. In season 5 she was wounded and she left to recovery herself. Claudia Tagbo was the only cast member to be promoted to the main cast and then demoted to recurring cast again. Martine is the only black women who worked in R.I.S

  • Gilles Sagnac

Gilles succeeded Marc Venturi on a position of the head of the R.I.S. Gilles was close friend to Hugo and Pierre. In season 6 he, Hugo and Alessandra faked Hugo's death to provide him investigation. At the end of episode 6 Gilles was fired from R.I.S.

  • Frédéric "Fred" Arthaud

Fred was lab technician and he was introduced at the beginning of season 4. He is closed friend to Mailk and Hugo. Fred is only black man who work in R.I.S. In season 9 he was almost killed with Gorgona virus, but he survived. In the same season he saved his girlfriend from the hands of rapist and killer who try to rape and kill her.

  • Dr. Gabriel Valmer

Dr. Valmer was medical examiner like Alessandra. He replaced her in four episodes of her absence when she recovering herself. When she returned he stayed on a position of ME and helped the team as the other ME. He was written out near the end of season 5 with no explanation for his departing.

  • Katia Schriver

Katia first appeared at the beginning of season 5 to help the team on a case they worked. When Nathalie left she joined the R.I.S team. She was written out at the end of season 8 with no explanation to her departing.

  • Maxime Vernon

Vernon is succeeded Sagnac on the position of the head of R.I.S in 7th episode of season 6. Vernon has the rank of commander. At the end of season 8 he is shot by a suspect who escape from the custody and took Émilie as a hostage. At the beginning of season 9 it is revealed that he did not survive and that he died from injures.

  • Émilie Durringer

Émilie replaced Julie in 3rd episode of season 7. She first help the R.I.S team on a case of murder and later joined the R.I.S team. In season 9 premiere she was taken as a hostage by suspect and buried in stone grave. In 2nd episode she is freed by the team. At first seemed that she died, but seconds later she opened her eyes. Later in season 9 she was almost killed by Gorgona virus like Fred, but she survived.

  • Lucie Ballack

Ballack succeeded Vernon on the position of the head of the R.I.S and she is the only women who was boss. She was frustrated when Émilie was kidnapped on her first day on the job, but with Alessandra's help she calmed down.


  • Cécile Challonges (seasons 1-2,5-6)

Cécile (portrayed by Lizzie Brocheré) is Hugo's daughter. She is invalid. She was in brief romantic relationship with Malik. At the end of season 2 she left the country and went on operation. She returned in season 5 and it is revealed that operation succeeded and that she can walk now. She made her last appearance in season 6.

  • Eloise Soma (seasons 4-5)

Eloise (portrayed by Claire Galopin) is lab tehnician like Fred. Her first field assignment was in season 5 premiere. She was alone in apartment on crime scene where gas was leaking. She collapsed, but the team did not notice that she is missing until couple hours later. Hugo, Malik and Nathalie returned to the crime scene but the apartment was on fire. Malik run in the building seconds before apartment exploded. She died before apartment exploded from the gas. Nathalie quit because Eloise's death.



Series Episodes Originally broadcast
Series premiere Series finale
1 8 17 December 2005 2 February 2006
2 12 15 December 2006 27 February 2007
3 10 19 December 2007 21 February 2008
4 16 4 November 2008 10 February 2009
5 16 15 October 2009 28 January 2010
6 10 29 November 2010 27 January 2011
7 8 16 February 2011 5 April 2011
8 12 10 January 2012 28 March 2012
9 8 9 December 2013 20 February 2014

Differences from the original version

The series is rather similar to the original Italian version. Most of the episodes are remakes of episodes from the Italian version, with the settings of the episodes relocated to France and characters given French names, though the second season featured a few episodes with original plot lines.

The head of the French RIS, Marc Venturi, shares the last name with the head of the Italian RIS, Riccardo Venturi, but aside from that, none of the other names are the same.

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