The Swedish Navy EOD (Swedish: Röjdykarna) are the clearance divers of the Swedish Navy. They are tasked with conducting with underwater Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) as well as EOD operations on land.

Navy EOD Division
Country Sweden
BranchSwedish Navy
TypeNavy EOD
RoleExplosive ordnance disposal
Improvised explosive device disposal
Amphibious warfare
Part ofSwedish Navy
EngagementsOperation Atalanta


In 1953, then lieutenants Rolf Hamilton and Gösta Fahlman underwent a special course of light diving for commando at the United States Navy Underwater Demolition Team (UDT), the precursor to the United States Navy SEALs, in San Diego, USA.[1] After completing the education in the United States, captain Rolf Hamilton became head of the first explosive ordnance disposal course Gullmars Base in Skredsvik, Uddevalla Municipality in 1954. From 1956 and a number of years ahead, combat divers were also trained in Skredsvik. Later the training was concentrated to include only clearance divers.[1]


Personnel from the unit continuously participate in domestic EOD operations as well as providing support to Swedish and allied forces during operations abroad. Personnel from the Navy EOD Division have participated in Operation Atalanta, integrating with the Swedish Marine Boarding team. They have also done several deployments in Afghanistan as well as in Mali, embedding with line units to provide counter-IED support.

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