Quintus Volusius (prefect)

Quintus Volusius also known as Quintus Volusius Saturninus[1] was a senator of the Roman Republic who lived in the 1st century BC.

He was originally from the city of Feronia, also known as Lucus Feroniae in Etruria.[2] He came from an ancient and distinguished Senatorial family, that never rose above the Praetorship.[3]

Volusius was a pupil of the Roman statesman Cicero in oratory.[4] He accompanied Cicero to Cilicia, where he held office under him.[5] While in Cilicia, Volusius served as a Prefect under Cicero in 51 BC to 50 BC.[6]

During his Prefectship in Cilicia, Cicero sent to Volusius to Cyprus.[7] When Volusius arrived on the island, he had heard and settled civil cases to a small group of Roman citizens who lived on the island. Cicero describes Volusius as a 'man both trustworthy and extraordinarily moderate'.[7]

Volusius married Claudia, the daughter of Pompey’s officer, Drusus Claudius Nero, and sister of the father of the future Roman emperor Tiberius, praetor Tiberius Claudius Nero.[8] Claudia bore Volusius one son, Lucius Volusius Saturninus[8] and a daughter, Volusia Saturnina.[9]

In fiction

  • Volusius is a character in the novel titled Respublica: A Novel of Cicero's Roman Republic written by Richard Braccia which was released by AuthorHouse in 2009.



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