Quentin Tarantino Film Festival

The Quentin Tarantino Film Festival, or QT-Fest, was a semi-annual film and multimedia event held by the Austin Film Society in Austin, Texas and attended by film director Quentin Tarantino, where he screened a selection of his favorite films using prints he owns.[1]

Quentin Tarantino Film Festival
Quentin Tarantino Film Festival marquee, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
LocationAustin, Texas, U.S.

Lineup listings

QT Fest started in 1997 at the Dobie Theater near the University of Texas. The event moved to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Downtown for QT3, where it remained until the site's closure in 2007. After QT 5 in 2001, there was a hiatus before QT 6 in 2005.

QT 1 Lineup

This showing was held in 1997.

QT 2 Lineup

This showing was held in 1998.

QT III Lineup

This showing was held in 1999.

QT Quattro Lineup

This showing was held in 2000.

QT 5 Lineup

This showing was held in 2001.

QT Six Lineup

This showing was held in October 2005.

Best of QT Fest Lineup

This showing was a 7-day event held from April 24, 2006 until April 30, 2006.

Last Night at the Alamo Grindhouse

To mark the closure of the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown, Tarantino organized a three-night mini-festival. This was not an official QT-Fest, but followed the same format, with three themed triple bills. It was held May 10 to May 13, 2007, with a break on May 12.

Sex Comedy Night May 10

Redneck Night May 11

Swinging Night

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