Queensland Heritage Act 1992

The Queensland Heritage Act 1992 is an act of the Parliament of Queensland that establishes a legislative framework for registration protection of places of local and statewide significance.[1] The Act established the Queensland Heritage Council and formalised the Queensland Heritage Register.[1]

Queensland Heritage Act 1992
Status: In force

In September 2008, the Act was modified to allow the Queensland Government to compel owners to maintain their heritage property or else be fined up to $75,000.[2] The change was motivated by concerns that the heritage-listed Keating residence in Indooroopilly, Brisbane was being inadequately maintained by its owners. Left unoccupied, the building had been neglected and needed urgent maintenance, which was not being undertaken despite repeated requests. Following the changes to the Act, the owners were served with a maintenance notice to repair doors and windows, clear the drains and fence and mow the yard.[3][4]


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