Queens Historical Society

The Queens Historical Society, which was founded in 1968 after a merger with the Kingsland Preservation Commission, is dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of Queens, New York and interpreting the history of the borough as it relates to various historical periods.[1][2] The historical society is the only museum about Queens' history within the borough and is located in Kingsland Homestead, which is a historic house museum within Weeping Beech Park.

Queens Historical Society
PredecessorKingsland Preservation Committee
Typenot-for-profit organization
PurposeTo promote and provide assistance for research into social, political, and economic aspects of Queens history and document the constant changes that continue to shape the borough.
HeadquartersKingsland Homestead

Among the historical society's main projects is assisting in the preservation and designation of the borough's landmarks,[3] the preservation of the Brinckerhoff Family Cemetery,[4][5] as well as several other cemeteries in the borough.


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