Queen of the Northwoods

Queen of the Northwoods is a film serial produced in 1929 by Pathé, directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet and Thomas Storey, with a story by George Arthur Gray. Known cast members were Walter Miller, Ethlyne Clair and Frank Lackteen. This serial was silent, had ten episodes and is believed to still exist, although it might be incomplete (missing a few episodes).[1] The plot revolved around a mysterious masked villain known as the Wolf Devil trying to drive non-native settlers out of Alaska. Walter Miller plays a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer named Inspector Steele.

Queen of the Northwoods
Directed bySpencer Gordon Bennet
Thomas Storey
Written byGeorge Arthur Gray
StarringWalter Miller
Ethlyne Clair
Frank Lackteen
Distributed byPathé
Release date
  • May 21, 1929 (1929-05-21)
Running time
10 chapters
CountryUnited States


The Wolf Devil

The villain of the serial is one of film's first werewolves (in the traditional sense of a man masquerading and acting like a wolf rather than the now more common film wolfman). This villain, The Wolf Devil, wears a wolf skin headdress that completely covers his face. The supernatural atmosphere is enhanced by his apparent ability to control a pack of wolves.[2]

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