Queen Street (Ottawa)

Queen Street is an east-west arterial road located in Downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The street is two-way with one to two lanes going in each direction.[1] The Confederation Line will run underneath Queen Street when it opens.[2][3]

Queen Street
Route information
Length1.4 km[1] (0.9 mi)
Major junctions
East endElgin Street
 O'Connor Street
Bank Street
Kent Street
Lyon Street
West endBronson Avenue

Route description

The road is only 1.4 kilometres (0.87 mi) long, making it a little longer than Sparks Street. The road begins to the east at Elgin Street, at the intersection of Elgin and Lawrence Freiman Lane. From eastbound on Queen Street the northbound section of Elgin appears to be a continuation of Queen.[4] Heading west the road has two lanes in each direction. The road is surrounded by skyscrapers, many of which are used by the Canadian government.


From Metcalfe Street to Bay Street, the road is reduced to a single eastbound lane due to construction. The City of Ottawa is renewing the street in anticipation of the Confederation Lines' opening as well as to build the tunnels and stations for the Confederation Line.[5] The city is expanding the pedestrian infrastructure on the street, adding wide boulevard sidewalks, priority crosswalks, and additional landscaping. The construction also includes shared bike lanes, upgrades to sanitary sewers and storm sewers, the addition of planters and street furniture, installation of curbs and resurfacing of the street. The construction will be done at the same time as Confederation Line construction as two Confederation Line stations will be located on Queen Street.[6] Queen Street is planned to become Downtown Ottawa's (Transit) Showcase Street. It will have wide sidewalks, decor, and it will be pedestrian-friendly for economic opportunity. The renewal has been identified as an "priority move",[7] but has proved controversial.[8][9]

Historic burial site

While the water mains on Queen Street were being replaced in 2013, workers discovered several human bones and later an historical burial site. The burial site was Ottawa's oldest Christian cemetery dating back to around 1828-1845. Archaeologists found the remains of 19 individuals, and they suspect that there are around 500 people buried there. The burial site is believed to have been for workers constructing the Rideau Canal. Researchers think that it extends to Queen Street to the south, Sparks Street to the north, Elgin Street to the east, and Metcalfe Street to the west.[10][11]

Public transit

Queen Street is currently served by route 10 from Bay Street to Elgin Street eastbound and Elgin Street to Lyon Street westbound, route 16 from Bay Street to O'Connor Street eastbound and Elgin Street to Lyon Street westbound. The route is also served by routes 7 and 6 from Bank Street to Elgin Street.[12][3] The Confederation Line will have Lyon and Parliament stations of Queen Street.[2]

OC Transpo routes on Queen Street
Route Direction Eastern limit Western Limit
[lower-alpha 1]
Both Elgin Street Bronson Avenue
6 Both Elgin Street Bank Street
7 Both Elgin Street Bank Street
10 Eastbound Elgin Street Bay Street
Westbound Elgin Street Lyon Street
16 Eastbound O'Connor Street Bay Street
Westbound Elgin Street Lyon Street
  1. Future route

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