Queen City Roller Girls

Queen City Roller Girls or QCRG,[1] are a women's flat-track roller derby league based in Buffalo, New York. Founded in 2006,[2] the league begins their fourteenth season in 2020. The QCRG are a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).[3] Since 2016, Queen City plays their home games at Buffalo RiverWorks on the city's waterfront, drawing upwards of 1,000 fans to events,[4] with their home-team season typically running from January through June. The facility at RiverWorks is a private development that includes a purpose-built flat track for roller derby, and is credited for helping the league sell over 10,000 tickets in the 2016 season.[5]

Queen City Roller Girls
Metro areaBuffalo, New York
CountryUnited States
TeamsTravel teams:
Lake Effect Furies (A)
Subzero Sirens (B)
Home teams:
Alley Kats
Devil Dollies
Track type(s)Flat
VenueRiverWorks, Buffalo
Org. typeLLC


The QCRG league is currently composed of three home teams: the Alley Kats, the Devil Dollies and the Saucies. The Nickel City Knockouts, who won 4 consecutive QCRG Championships starting in 2012, were retired after the 2015 season. The "training team" is the Queen's Court. The league also brought back a B travel development team in 2016, named the Subzero Sirens.

QCRG also has an affiliated junior roller derby league, The Queen City Junior Roller Girls, which comprises 2 teams, The Cereal Killers and The Atomic Bettys. The juniors also have an All-Star travel team, The Queen City Jr Roller Girls.[6]

WFTDA competition

The All-Star travel team is the Lake Effect Furies. The Furies first qualified for WFTDA Playoffs in 2013, as the sixth seed at the Division 2 Playoffs in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where they placed 9th.[7] In 2014, the Furies returned to Division 2 Playoffs, this time in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, entering as the second seed and ultimately coming in 5th place.[8] In 2015, Queen City made their first trip to Division 1 Playoffs at Omaha, Nebraska, which included a last-jam upset victory over Toronto Roller Derby, 232-229.[9] The Furies entered the weekend as the ninth seed and improved to eighth by Sunday.[10] In 2016, Queen City returned for their second consecutive Division 1 Playoff, as the ninth seed in Vancouver, British Columbia, and finished the weekend in sixth.[11] At the 2017 Division 1 Playoff in Dallas, Queen City won their opening game against Houston Roller Derby,[12] but then lost their quarterfinal to Arch Rival Roller Derby.[13] Queen City finished their weekend with a 270-77 consolation bracket win over Wasatch Roller Derby.[14] At the 2018 WFTDA Playoffs in Atlanta, Queen City lost both its games, including a tight consolation round game to Bear City Roller Derby, 218-212.[15]


Season Final ranking[16] Playoffs Championship
2011 15 E[17] DNQ DNQ
2012 13 E[18] DNQ DNQ
2013 48 WFTDA[19] 9 D2[7] DNQ
2014 36 WFTDA[20] 5 D2[8] DNQ
2015 47 WFTDA[21] 8 D1[10] DNQ
2016 27 WFTDA[22] 6 D1[11] DNQ
2017 18 WFTDA[23] CR D1[14] DNQ
2018 24 WFTDA[24] CR[15] DNQ
  • CR = consolation round


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