Queen's Harbour Master

In the United Kingdom, a Queen's (or King's) Harbour Master is a public official with the duty of keeping the port secure for both military and civilian shipping.[1]

There are three Queen's Harbour Masters in the UK, one for each of the major naval ports of the UK: the Clyde Dockyard Port of Gareloch and Loch Long in the Firth of Clyde, the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth in Portsmouth, and the Dockyard Port of Plymouth in Plymouth.[1]

The powers of the Queen's Harbour Masters are defined in the Dockyard Ports Regulation Act 1865.[2] Although legislation does not require it, most QHMs have been serving officers in the Royal Navy.

The Queen's Harbour Masters have their own flag, consisting of a white-bordered Union Flag with a white circle on it, within which there is a crown and the letters "QHM".[3]

Queen's Harbour Masters were first appointed in the first half of the nineteenth century; there was some overlap with the duties of Master Attendants in HM Dockyards, and the two offices were held by the same person in several instances.[4]

In Canada

Equivalent positions also exist in Canada. (A Queen's Harbourmaster is known in French as capitaine de port de Sa Majesté - literally "Her Majesty's Captain of the Port")


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