Quebec Route 116

Route 116 is an east/west highway on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada. Until the mid-1970s it was known as Route 9. Its eastern terminus is in Lévis at the junction of Route 132, and the western terminus is at the junction of Route 134 in Lemoyne part of a concurrency with Route 112 until Saint-Hubert just south of the Saint-Hubert Municipal Airport. The stretch between Lévis and Plessisville does not have much traffic, since Autoroute 20 is not that far from the highway. Between Plessisville and Richmond traffic is heavier as it passes bigger towns, and it is further away from Autoroute 20. From Richmond to Autoroute 20 (which it overlaps for 6 km), it is quiet again, before reaching Saint-Hyacinthe, where it becomes a busy four-lane separated highway, going through the growing "South Shore" suburbs of Montreal. From the junction of Autoroute 30 to its western terminus, it is a controlled-access Autoroute-grade expressway. This portion was once envisioned to be part of Autoroute 16. An unofficial extension of Route 116 as thought of by locals, from the western terminus follows the Route 134 limited access expressway to the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

Route 116
Route information
Maintained by Transports Québec
Length267.3 km[1] (166.1 mi)
Major junctions
West end Route 134 in Longueuil (Lemoyne)
  A-30 / Route 112 in Longueuil (Saint-Hubert)
Route 223 / Route 229 in McMasterville
Route 133 / Route 229 in Mont-Saint-Hilaire
Route 227 in Sainte-Madeleine
Route 137 / Route 224 / Route 231 / Route 235 in Saint-Hyacinthe
A-20 (TCH) in Saint-Simon
Route 139 in Acton Vale
A-55 / Route 143 / Route 243 in Richmond
Route 255 in Danville
Route 122 / Route 161 in Victoriaville
Route 165 / Route 263 in Princeville
Route 165 / Route 267 in Plessisville
Route 218 in Lyster
Route 271 in Dosquet
Route 273 in Saint-Agapit
Route 269 in Saint-Gilles
Route 171 in Levis (Saint-Etienne-de-Lauzon)
A-20 (TCH) in Levis (Saint-Redempteur)
East end Route 132 in Lévis (Saint-Nicolas)
Highway system
Route 113Route 117

Municipalities along Quebec 116

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