Quebec Route 112

Route 112 is a busy east/west highway on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada. Its eastern terminus is in Frampton at the junction of Route 275, and the western terminus is in Downtown Montreal (at the corner of Peel Street and Sherbrooke Street), after crossing the Victoria Bridge. The stretch between Vallée-Jonction and Sherbrooke is a very busy highway as it is the main link between the southern regions of Quebec, in particular the Beauce region and the Eastern Townships. Between Sherbrooke and Marieville there is less traffic, since Autoroute 10 is in close proximity to the highway. (Before Autoroute 10 was put in service in the early 1960s, Route 1 (now Route 112) was the main link between Montreal and the Eastern Townships; see paragraph below.) From Marieville to Montreal it is a very busy highway, in most parts a four-lane separated highway, upgraded to freeway standards in certain places.

Route 112
Route information
Maintained by Transports Québec
Length319.0 km[1] (198.2 mi)
Major junctions
West end Route 138 in Montreal
  A-20 / Route 132 in Saint-Lambert
Route 134 in LeMoyne
A-30 / Route 116 in Saint-Hubert
Route 223 in Chambly
Route 133 in Richelieu
Route 227 in Marieville
Route 229 / Route 231 in Rougemont
Route 233 in Saint-Cesaire
Route 235 near Abbotsford
Route 137 / Route 139 in Granby
Route 241 / Route 243 in Waterloo
A-10 in Saint-Etienne-De-Bolton
Route 245 in Eastman
A-10 in Austin
A-10 / A-55 / Route 108 / Route 141 in Magog
A-10 / A-55 / A-410 / A-610 in Sherbrooke
Route 143 / Route 216 in Sherbrooke
Route 214 in Westbury
Route 255 in Bishopton
Route 257 in Weedon
Route 161 in Beaulac-Garthby
Route 263 in Disraeli
Route 165 in Thetford Mines (Black Lake)
Route 267 in Thetford Mines
Route 269 in Thetford Mines (Robertsonville)
Route 271 in Sacré-Coeur-de-Jésus
Route 276 in Saint-Frédéric
Route 173 in Vallée-Jonction
A-73 in Saints-Anges
East end Route 275 in Frampton
Highway system
Route 111Route 113

Route 112 is Granby's main street (rue Principale), Magog's main street (rue Principale), and Sherbrooke's main street (rue King). It has been the road connecting most of the Eastern Townships to Montreal for decades as Route 1.

Municipalities along Route 112

Major intersections

RCM or ET Municipality Km Road Notes
Western terminus of Route 112
Montreal Metropolitan Community Montreal 0.0 Route 138 138 West: to Mercier Bridge
138 East: to Repentigny
Longueuil Metropolitan Community Saint-Lambert 6.4 Route 132 A-20 20 WEST: to Champlain Bridge
20 EAST: to Quebec City
132 WEST: to La Prairie 132 EAST: to Varennes
LeMoyne 8.8 Route 134 Route 116 116 EAST: to Beloeil
134 WEST: to La Prairie
134 EAST: to Jacques-Cartier Bridge
Saint-Hubert 13.4 Route 116 116 WEST: to Longueuil
116 EAST: to Beloeil
Saint-Hubert 18.2 A-30 30 WEST: to Châteauguay
30 EAST: to Sorel-Tracy
La Vallée du Richelieu Regional County Carignan 24.8 Route 223 223 NORTH: to Beloeil
Chambly 29.3 Route 223 223 SOUTH: to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
Rouville Regional County Richelieu 30.6 Route 133 133 NORTH: to Mont-Saint-Hilaire 133 SOUTH: to Iberville
Marieville 37.0 Route 227 227 NORTH: to Sainte-Madeleine
227 SOUTH: to Venise-en-Québec
Abbotsford 58.3 Route 235 235 NORTH: to Saint-Hyacinthe235 SOUTH: to Farnham
La Haute Yamaska Regional County Granby 71.0 Route 139 139 NORTH: to Acton-Vale139 SOUTH: to Cowansville
Waterloo 104.7 Route 241 Route 243 241 NORTH: to Roxton Falls, 243 NORTH: to Melbourne, 241 SOUTH: to Bromont, 243 SOUTH: to Brome Lake
Memphrémagog Regional County Magog 135.1 Route 108 Route 141 108 EAST: to Lennoxville141 NORTH: to Parc du Mont Orford141 SOUTH: to Coaticook
Sherbrooke Metropolitan Community Omerville 143.9 A-55 55 NORTH: to Drummondville55 SOUTH: to Stanstead
Sherbrooke 161.2 A-410 410 WEST: to A-10 A-55410 EAST: to Boulevard de l'Université
Sherbrooke 167.0 Route 143 143 NORTH: to Drummondville143 SOUTH: to Stanstead
Fleurimont 173.5 A-610 610 WEST: to A-10 A-55
Le Haut Saint-François Regional County Saint-Gérard 226.3 Route 161 161 SOUTH: to Lac-Mégantic
Les Appalaches Regional County Beaulac-Garthby 233.6 Route 161 161 NORTH: to Victoriaville
Thetford Mines (Black Lake) 232.4 Route 165 165 NORTH: to Plessisville
La Nouvelle-Beauce Regional County Vallée-Jonction 316.5 Route 173 173 NORTH: to Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce173 SOUTH: to Saint-Georges
Saints-Anges 319.5 A-73 73 NORTH: to Quebec City73 SOUTH: to Beauceville
Frampton 331.5 Route 275 275 NORTH: to Saint-Jean-Chrysostome275 SOUTH: to Saint-Prosper
Eastern terminus of Route 112

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