Quan Yi Fong

Quan Yi Fong (Chinese: 权怡凤; Wade–Giles: Ch'üan I Feng, born 1 March 1974), also credited as Yifong Chuan, is a Singaporean host and actress and comedian. She was born in Taiwan, but has since taken up Singaporean citizenship and given up her Taiwanese citizenship.

Quan Yi Fong
Born (1974-03-01) 1 March 1974
OccupationHost, actress
Years active1991–present
Peter Yu
(m. 1998; div. 2009)
ChildrenEleanor Lee (daughter)
AwardsStar Awards 2005:
Best Variety Show Host
Star Awards 2014:
Best Variety Show Host
Star Awards 2015:
Best Info-ed Programme Show Host
Star Awards 2017:
All-Time Favourite Artiste
Star Awards 2018 : Best Programme Host (Variety, Info-Ed & Infotainment)
Asian Television Awards – 2008: Best Entertainment Presenter

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese權怡鳳
Simplified Chinese权怡凤
Musical career
Quan Yi Fong
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese


Quan joined the SBC in 1992. In 1996, she was fired by TCS over a fight at a bowling alley and for driving without a valid license.

Quan joined SPH MediaWorks in 2000. When SPH MediaWorks merged with MediaCorp, she was transferred to MediaCorp, marking her return to the company after almost 9 years.

In Asian Television Award 2008, she obtained the Best Entertainment Presenter. In Star Awards 2005 & Star Awards 2014, she won Best Variety Show Host. She won Best Info-ed Programme Show Host at the Star Awards 2015. She won Best Programme Host from 2017 to 2019. She was nominated a total of 12 times for Best Programme Host.

In Star Awards 2017, Quan received the All-Time Favourite Artiste award after winning the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award from 2005-2010, 2013-2016 respectively with Elvin Ng & Joanne Peh.


In 1996, Quan was fined S$1,000 after a fight with a bowling alley assistant.[1]

In 2010, Quan was accused of abusing a taxi driver. It was alleged that she was angry that the taxi driver did not help with loading her luggage onto the taxi and throwing her forward while stopping sharply at a junction. She supposedly alighted, kicked the car door and then kicked the taxi driver in the groin. She subsequently locked herself in the taxi and messed the taxi up.[2] She had hired Subhas Anandan to represent her after the incident.[3] She was charged with two counts of mischief and one count of using criminal force.[1]

On 29 December 2011, Quan Yi Feng was sentenced to 15 months' probation in court. Quan was charged with damaging a taxi meter, pulling out the receipt printer of a cab and spilling water on the receipt printer. Two other charges—of kicking the right passenger door of the taxi, and pushing and attempting to kick the 53-year-old taxi driver—were also taken into consideration.

She had to attend psychological therapy and counselling sessions as part of her probation.[4]

In July 2013, Quan had a brush with the law once again when she knocked down a pedestrian at a crossing. Quan pleaded guilty to one count of inconsiderate driving under the Road Traffic Act and was fined S$800 and banned from driving for three months.[5]

Personal life

Quan married former MediaCorp actor Peter Yu in 1998 after meeting while filming Happy Travel Agency.[6] They have a daughter, Eleanor Lee, born on 12 October 1999. Quan and Yu divorced on 3 January 2009 and share custody of their daughter.[7][8]


Television programmes

  • 2005: Oh Mother 哎哟我的妈
  • 2004: Ad-War 完美把戏
  • 2004: Back to Basics 重进森林
  • 2004: Wonderful Life – Fantasy 奇妙人生之幻想
  • 2004: Tastefully Yours 味之道
  • 2004: Happy Family 元氏一家人
  • 2004: OK No Problem! OK没问题
  • 2004: Never Say Bye Bye 病非末日II
  • 1996: Don't Worry Be Happy 敢敢做个开心人 Season 1
  • 1996: Comedy Night 1996 搞笑行动 1996


Television films

  • 1994: Love Dowry Min (爱情定金)
  • 1995: Love Knows No Bounds Xiu Hui (甜甜屋)
  • 1995: Pointed Triangle Shi Jia (杀之恋)
  • 1997: The Scoop Joey (迷情专访)
  • 2010: Carlsberg Telemovie Series Episode 1

Variety Shows

  • Finding U
  • 2014: Finding 8 (先锋争8战)


Asian Academy Creative Awards
YearCategoryNominated workResult
2018Best Entertainment Presenter/HostUniquely LodgingWon
Asian Television Awards – Hosting Awards
YearCategoryNominated workResult
2008Best Entertainment PresenterBuzzing CashierWon
2017Best Programme HostMarkets in AsiaNominated
Star Awards – Hosting Awards
YearAwardNominated Work TitleResult
2005 Best Variety Show HostLove BitesWon
2006What's ArtNominated
2007King of ThriftNominated
2009Life TransformersNominated
2010Buzzing Cashier 2Nominated
2014Finding UWon
2015Black Rose 2Nominated
Best Info-Ed Programme HostWhere To StayWon
2016 Best Programme HostCeleb's Curated CollectionsNominated
2017Markets in AsiaWon
2018Unique LodgingWon
2019Fixer 2Won
Star Awards – Popularity Awards
2005 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes Top 10
2006 Top 10
2007 Top 10
2009 Top 10
2010 Top 10
2011 Top 10
Favourite Female CharacterNominated
Favourite Onscreen Partner (Variety)Won
2013 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes Top 10
2014 Top 10
2015 Top 10
2016 Top 10
2017 All-Time Favourite Artiste Received


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