Qntal III: Tristan und Isolde

Qntal III is the third album of the German darkwave/gothic rock group Qntal, released in 2003. It is a concept album based on the medieval narratived Tristan and Iseult.[2] Many tracks feature original lyrics by poets of that period.[3]

Qntal III
Studio album by
GenreDarkwave, heavenly voices[1]
LabelStars in the Dark / Noir Records
Qntal chronology
Qntal II
Qntal III

Track listing

1."Ôwî, Tristan"Qntal, Gottfried von StrassburgOh, Tristan5:55
2."Name der Rose"Qntal, Von LilleName of the Rose5:28
3."Maiden in the Mor"Anonymous, Qntal 6:33
4."Lamento de Tristano"QntalTristan's Lament1:38
5."Am Morgen Fruo"Qntal, Walther von der VogelweideEarly in the Morning4:52
6."Lasse"Anonymous, QntalTired8:03
7."Ecce Gratum"Carmina Burana, QntalLook, the Lovely [one]!5:11
8."Spiegelglas"Qntal, Von StrassburgMirror Glass7:39
9."Maravillosos"Cantigas de Santa Maria, QntalThe Wonderful4:02
10."Entre Moi et Mon Amin"Anonymous, QntalBetween Me and My Friend7:20
11."Gottinne Minne"Qntal, Von StrassburgMy Goddess2:24
12."Vedes Amigo"Cantiga de amigo, QntalThe Waves, My Friend6:40


Professional ratings
Review scores
Sonic Seducerfavourable[2]

German magazine Sonic Seducer gave Qntal III a positive review, remarking that the natural sound of III was something new after two albums of contrast between rather cold sounds and the vocals by singer Syrah. The album was lauded for its diverse interpretation of the Tristan tale using elements of ambient music, pop and world music.[2] French magazine Prémonition observed that Ernst Horn's style had disappeared from Qntal's works after his leaving of the band but that Syrah's clear voice was still their main asset.[1]


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