Qin Hailu

Qin Hailu (Chinese: 秦海璐, born 11 August 1978) is a Chinese actress, screenwriter and singer. She has won Best Actress at the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards, Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award and Golden Bauhinia Awards.

Qin Hailu
Qin singing in Shanghai, China in 2006
Born (1978-08-11) 11 August 1978
Alma materCentral Academy of Drama
Years active1999–present
Wang Xinjun (m. 2014)
Children1 son (b. 2015)[2]
Musical career
Also known asAmanda Qin
LabelsBravo Stars

Early life and education

Born with a movie projectionist father and an amateur actress mother, Qin learned to dance at the local Children's Palace when she was still a young child. At the age of 6, she was sent to a Peking Opera school in Yingkou, spending the next ten years training in a strict and harsh environment. She joined a local Peking opera theatre after completing her training. After working for a few years, Qin decided to audition for the Central Academy of Traditional Opera. Though she was late for the auditions, Chang Li, the teacher in charge of recruiting, who later became her instructor, saw for herself Qin's talents and offered her another chance. Yet, only after she had finished all of the tests, did Qin learn that she was at the Central Drama Academy instead of at the Traditional Opera Academy, and enrolled into the school. In 1999, not long before graduation, Qin was cast by Fruit Chan in her first film.[3]


Qin is best known for her role in the film Durian Durian (2000) by Fruit Chan, which portrays the experiences of a young girl and her sex worker neighbor in Hong Kong.[4] The film won the Best Picture award at the 38th Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards, and Qin won the Best Actress and Best New Performer awards.[5]

Thereafter, Qin starred in Yip Wai Man's film Everlasting Love (2002) with Hong Kong actor Daniel Chan. In the film, Qin plays a country girl who meets and falls in love with a young doctor (played by Chan) who is working for the United Nations.[6] Despite much effort, the film failed to gain much attention and was not well received in theaters.[7] Also in 2002, Qin starred in the film Chicken Poets by Chinese musical director Meng Jinghuai. In the film, Qin plays a colorblind country girl, who dreams of leaving her village in search of a new life.[7]

Qin starred in arthouse comedy The Piano in a Factory (2011) by Zhang Meng, offering to work without pay and supporting the film in post-production work. The film won plautis from critics and film makers, and numerous awards, including the Best Actress award at the China Movie Channel Media Awards for Qin.[8] Qin also co-wrote and starred in the Taiwanese drama film Return Ticket (2011), based on a true story of a group of village women who rented a bus to go home for the holidays; which won the Best Original Screenplay award at the Golden Horse Awards.[9][10]

Aside from films and dramas, Qin has also participated in numerous stage plays; including Red Rose and White Rose (2010),[11] Four Generations Under One Roof (2012),[12] and Green Snake (2013).[13] In 2012, she won the Outstanding Actress at the China Golden Lion Award for Drama, the highest honor awarded for theater play, for her performance in Four Generations Under One Roof.[14]

Qin starred alongside Zhou Xun in Red Sorghum (2014), based on Nobel laureate Mo Yan's 1986 novel of the same name.[15] She was awarded the Best Supporting Actress at the Shanghai Television Festival for her performance. According to the jury, Qin was able to "handle well her role and figure with a characteristic artistic image."[16]

In 2017, Qin launched her upcoming directorial debut Go It Alone at the Asian New Talent Award.[17]



YearEnglish titleChinese titleRoleNotes
2000Durian Durian榴莲飘飘Ah Yan
2002Everlasting Love停不了的爱Lu
2002Chicken Poets像鸡毛一样飞Fang Fang
2003The Coldest Day冬至Little cabbage[18]
2004Love Battlefield枪林恋曲Aunty Hua[19]
2004Hidden Heroes追击8月15Zhang Qi
2005Suffocation窒息Mei Zi[20]
2006Taklimakan塔克拉玛干Ya Dan[21]
2006Aspirin阿司匹林HerselfCameo [22]
2006Undercover Tiger卧虎Su Fei[23]
2006After This Our Exile父子Sister XiaCameo [24]
2007Fury Or Love怒放Yang Lin[25]
2007Call for Love爱情呼叫转移Gao Fei[26]
2007My Career as a Teacher我的教师生涯Zhou Min[27]
2008I Am Liu Yuejin我叫刘跃进Ma Manli[28]
2009Qiu Xi秋喜Hui Honglian[29]
2010Love Tactics爱情三十六计Lu Wanhua[30]
2011The Piano in a Factory钢的琴Shu Xian
2011Return Ticket到阜阳六百里Cao Li
2012Truth or Dare真心话大冒险Tao YingCameo[31]
2012A Simple Life桃姐Ms. Cai[32]
2013101st Marriage Proposal101次求婚Tao Zi[33]
2013Christmas Rose圣诞玫瑰Ming Jun[34]
2013Young Style青春派Teacher San[35]
2014The House That Never Dies京城81号Psychologist[36]
2014The Crossing太平轮Xia Shan[37]
2015Red Amnesia闯入者Wang Lu[38]
2015Tale of Three Cities三城记Jiu Xiaoling[39]
2015The Crossing 2太平轮[40]
201622nd Catch购物女王Chen Meizhi[41]
2016Hide & Seek捉迷藏Su Hong[42]
2018The Pluto Moment冥王星时刻
A Fangirl's Romance迷妹罗曼史LuluCameo
Impermanence云水Su Meialso producer[43]

Television series

YearEnglish titleChinese titleRoleNotes
2002Unusual Citizen非常公民Wen Xiu[44]
2003Yes, I Love You谁都会说我爱你Jia Jiaqin[45]
2004Legend of Le Ji骊姬传奇Le Ji[46]
2005桐籽花开Ba Yuxiang[47]
2005偷心之问Zou Yue[48]
2006How Deep is Your Love爱有多深Yan Hao[49]
2006If the Moon has Eyes如果月亮有眼睛Luo Manli[50]
2007Thank You for Having Loved Me谢谢你曾经爱过我Yin Zhihan[51]
2007Women's Choice女人的选择Xu Chunni[52]
2007Chengdu,leave me alone tonight成都,今夜请将我遗忘Zhao Yue[53]
2007谁怜天下慈母心Yuan Haijun[54]
2008Women's Flowers女人花Lin Xuelian[55]
2008Want To Go Home好想回家An Xiaoqiu[56]
2008Dongfang Shuo东方朔Luo Qi[57]
2009Shanghai of Bourne谍影重重之上海Lin Xuan[58]
2009Pigeon Whistle鸽子哨Mi Xiaoju[59]
2010松花江上Cheng Xizhen[60]
2010Police Meets Soldier警察遇到兵Luo's wife[61]
2010 Golden Wedding金婚风雨情Shi Feifei[62]
2011盘龙卧虎高山顶Deng Cao[63]
2011Secret History of Empress Wu武则天秘史Lady of Han[64]
2011金陵秘事Bai Yanyan[65]
2012谍海鹰眼Li Molan
2011再过把瘾Du Mei[66]
2012独立纵队Li Shuwei[67]
2012知足常乐Sun Fei[68]
2012The Fireball火流星Liu Xiangmei[69]
2012Winter Snow冬雪Yang Dongxue[70]
2012A World Without Thieves天下无贼Xiao Shanghai[71]
2013A Family Affair全家福Liu Cuilan[72]
2013Angel Is Coming今夜天使降临Kai Selin[73]
2013If By Life You Were Deceived假如生活欺骗了你Cheng Zhenzhen[74]
2013Glorious Mission光荣使命Lin Hai[75]
2013Heading For Happiness向幸福前进Gao Lihua[76]
2014盾神出击Shi Weilan
2014Waits For Happiness幸福稍后再播Ye Ling[77]
2014Red Sorghum红高粱Shu Xian
2015Mum Go Go Go妈妈向前冲Wang Qing[78]
2016Mum Go Go Go 2妈妈向前冲冲冲Wang Qing[79]
2016Women Must be Stronger女不强大天不容Xu Wenjun[80]
2017White Deer Plain白鹿原Xian Cao[81]
2018Only Side by Side with You南方有乔木An Ning[82]
2018楼外楼Li Chunxian[83]
2018The Years You Were Late你迟到的许多年Zhao Yiqin[84]
2019The Legendary Tavern老酒馆[85]
2020Dearest, Where Are You亲爱的,你在哪里[86]
2020The Stage我待生活如初恋[87]
2020Love and Lost最初的相遇,最后的别离
TBAShanghai Picked Flowers十里洋场拾年花Ruan Yu[88]



YearEnglish titleChinese titleLanguageNotes
2005Sweet Aftertaste幸福回味Mandarin[89]
2007One Way单行线Mandarin[90]

Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryNominated workResultRef.
200020th Hong Kong Film AwardBest ActressDurian DurianNominated
Best New PerformerWon[91]
45th Asia-Pacific Film FestivalBest ActressNominated
200138th Golden Horse Film Festival and AwardsWon[92]
Best New PerformerWon
7th Hong Kong Film Critics Society AwardBest ActressWon[93]
6th Golden Bauhinia AwardsWon[94]
46th Asia-Pacific Film FestivalChicken PoetsNominated
200255th Locarno FestivalBest ActressNominated[95]
20055th Chinese Film Media AwardsBest Supporting ActressLove BattlefieldWon[96]
200613th Hong Kong Film Critics Society AwardBest ActressAfter This Our ExileNominated
20112nd New York Chinese Film FestivalMost Popular Asian Artist AwardThe Piano in a FactoryWon[97]
14th Huabiao AwardsOutstanding ActressNominated
28th Golden Rooster AwardsBest ActressNominated
48th Golden Horse Film Festival and AwardsNominated
14th China Movie Channel Media AwardsWon[98]
18th Beijing College Student Film FestivalNominated
Return TicketNominated
201212th Chinese Film Media AwardsNominated
The Piano in a FactoryNominated
3rd China Film Director's Guild AwardsNominated
31st Hong Kong Film AwardBest Supporting ActressA Simple LifeNominated
2nd China Golden Lion Award for DramaOutstanding ActressFour Generations Under One RoofWon[99]
201314th Golden Phoenix AwardsSociety AwardYoung StyleWon[100]
16th China Movie Channel Media AwardsBest ActressNominated
201412th Changchun Film FestivalNominated
5th China Film Director's Guild AwardsNominated
14th Chinese Film Media AwardsBest Supporting ActressNominated
20th Shanghai Television FestivalBest ActressIf By Life You Were DeceivedNominated
2015Best Supporting ActressRed SorghumWon
20163rd Asia Rainbow TV AwardsWon[101]
35th Hong Kong Film AwardBest Supporting ActressTale of Three CitiesNominated
201831st Flying Apsaras AwardOutstanding ActressWhite Deer PlainNominated
24th Shanghai Television Festival Best Actress Nominated [102]
24th Huading AwardsBest Actress (Period Drama)Lou Wai LouNominated[103]
2019 26th Huading Awards Best Actress The Legendary Tavern Nominated [104]
Best Actress (Period drama) Nominated
Top Ten Favorite Actors Won [105]
Golden Bud - The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival Best Actress The Legendary Tavern, Homeland Nominated [106]


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