Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara (The Pain of Love is Sweet Sweet, Lovely Lovely) is an Indian drama television series produced by Rajshri Productions.[1] It aired from 18 June 2012 to 1 November 2014 on Star Plus weeknights at 10 PM IST.[2][3] It starred Nakuul Mehta and Disha Parmar as Aditya and Pankhuri.[4]

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara
GenreSoap opera
Written bySonali Jafar
Gitangshu Dey
Rohini Ninwane
Rahul Modi
Directed byAashish Shrivasta
Kaushik Ghatak
StarringNakuul Mehta
Disha Parmar
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of episodes663
Producer(s)Kavita K. Barjatya
Production location(s)Mumbai
CinematographySanjay Malwankar
Camera setup576i
HDTV 1080i
Running time24 minutes
Production company(s)Rajshri Productions
Original networkStar Plus
Original release18 June 2012 (2012-06-18) 
1 November 2014 (2014-11-01)
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Plot summary

Pankhuri Gupta is a small town simple girl from Kullu who strongly believes in relationships while Aditya Kumar is a rich city boy who lives in Mumbai and has grown up cynical about relationships having seen his parents Avantika Deewan and Harish Kumar separated for 20 years.

Aditya's maternal grandfather, Purushottam Deewan, visits Pankhuri and her family in Kullu determined to get her married to Aditya, as Purushottam felt that only Pankhuri can reunite and stitch the broken threads of his disunited family . Avantika, instead, arranges Aditya's engagement to a Mumbai girl named Latika Bafna who only wants the Deewans' money.

Meanwhile, Pankhuri is offered a job in Mumbai and Purushottam insists she stay at the Deewan mansion. Pankhuri and Aditya become best friends while Latika tries to drive them apart. Aditya's attitude gradually changes. Avantika's brother Anuj Deewan and his wife Sheela help arrange Pankhuri's marriage to a Kullu boy, Shivam. Pankhuri agrees for her family's happiness. Latika tries to ruin the wedding prompting Shivam to leave and Aditya steps in and marries Pankhuri.

After many efforts on Pankhuri's part, Avantika finally accepts her. Anuj, Sheela, and their son Rubal Deewan want the Deewans' property. Anuj's younger daughter, Kaira arrives at the Deewan Mansion. Rubal marries Latika. Kaira avoids talking to her paternal grandfather Purushottam (it is later disclosed that she believed since childhood that Purushottam had killed his wife: her paternal grandmother, and was faking love for his deceased wife. But it was just a misunderstanding that gets cleared after many complicated truths) Later, Anuj changes completely and he starts showing love and care for his father, his younger sisters, and their families. He handovers the reins of the businesses of the Deewan Group to Avantika and Aditya, that he had once usurped from them . It is also revealed that years ago, Aditya was accidentally responsible for the death of his maternal grandmother (i.e. Purushottam's wife) who was in coma, when he was a young boy. Taking advantage of this, Rubal transfers the properties to his name. After getting to know the truth of her grandmother's mysterious death, Kaira apologises to and reconciles with Purushottam. The Deewans are reunited after many ups and downs. The differences and misunderstandings between the Deewan family members are cleared. Preeti gets married and some time later, Purushottam dies peacefully in his sleep after uniting his family with the painstaking help of Pankhuri.

After his demise, Purushottam's estranged younger brother Manik Deewan and his family, invite themselves to live in the Deewan mansion. Latika joins them in their ulterior plans and undergoes an abortion but feigns a miscarriage blaming Pankhuri. Aditya is sent to jail framed for possessing fake notes and illegal drugs. Pankhuri and Aditya are divorced. Later, Manik decides to change himself and so does his family. Rubal and Sheela completely change and he divorces Latika. Pankhuri and Aditya remarry.

Rubal falls in love with Payal (Monica Khanna) whom he later marries. Rubal's sister, Kaira, gets married to Varun Dhanrajgir and the family unites along with Purshottam's estranged sister-in-law, Aneesha who returns from Australia after many decades. Varun's brother, Vikram Dhanrajgir, wants to use Kaira to take revenge on the Deewans after a business decision by Avantika affects him negatively. The family eventually manages to settle the problem but Aditya and Pankhuri end up having an argument. While Pankhuri goes off to Kullu, she and Aditya patch over the phone just before disappears in a landslide.

2 Years Later[5]

On a shooting trip to Lucknow, Harish meets Pankhuri's look-alike Ayesha Khan. Harish uses her to bring Aditya out of the belief that Pankhuri is still alive but the plan flops. Aditya finally realises that Ayesha is not Pankhuri. Aditya still believes that Pankhuri is alive. Ayesha falls in love with Aditya but Aarif blackmails her that she has to marry him. Aditya helps Ayesha and gets Aarif arrested. Ayesha's mother, Nilufer, forces Aditya to marry Ayesha. As a friend, Aditya agrees but Avantika refuses to accept Ayesha as her daughter in law.

Meanwhile, Ayesha faces many problems in the house. Acknowledging all the sacrifices Ayesha has made for the family, Avantika finally accepts her. Pankhuri is discovered alive and in a coma. On waking up, she reveals she was abducted for jewellery. The culprits are caught. Ayesha leaves to pursue her dream to become a designer and Aneesha accompanies her. Avantika's past affair is revealed when her illegitimate son, Ayush Kumar, comes to live with the Deewan family. Harish finally accepts Ayush as his son. The show ends on a happy note with Pankhuri becoming pregnant and everyone in the family reunite: thus, fulfilling the dream of being a united family that the late Purushottam had always dreamt of.



  • Disha Parmar as Pankhuri Gupta/Ayesha Khan, Pankhuri's look-alike
  • Nakuul Mehta as Aditya Kumar, Pankhuri and Ayesha's husband


  • Manasi Salvi as Avantika Deewan Kumar: Harish's wife, Aditya's mother, and Pankhuri's mother-in law
  • Nitesh Pandey as Harish Kumar: Avantika's husband, Aditya's father, and Pankhuri's father-in law
  • Mukesh Khanna as Purushottam Deewan: a wealthy but elderly businessman; Anuj's, Avantika's, and Preeti's father; Aditya's, Rubal's, and Kaira's grandfather; Pankhuri's maternal grandfather-in law
  • Mehul Buch as Anuj Deewan: Purushottam's eldest son and Avantika's elder brother
  • Sonali Naik as Sheela Deewan, Anuj's wife
  • Khushwant Walia as Rubal Deewan, Sheela and Anuj's elder son
  • Monica Khanna as Payal Deewan, Rubal's second wife
  • Ashlesha Sawant as Preeti Deewan Deshpande: Purushottam's youngest daughter and Sameer's wife
  • Kanwarjit Paintal as Jagdish Prasad Gupta: Pankhuri's paternal grandfather and Purushottam's friend/relative
  • Mehmood Junior as Shankar ('Shanky'): Purushottam's loyal, elderly servant; the caretaker of the Deewan Mansion
  • Nandita Puri (Cameo role and photo presence) as Kaushalya Deewan: Purushottam's deceased wife; Anuj's, Avantika's, and Preeti's mother; Aditya's, Rubal's, and Kaira's grandmother; Pankhuri's maternal grandmother-in law
  • Vijayendra Kumeria as Sameer Deshpande, Preeti's husband
  • Kuldeep Mallik as Sadanand Deshpande, Sameer's father
  • RajLaxmi Devi as Nirmala Deshpande: Sameer's mother and a former nurse - who briefly looked after Purushottam's ailing wife when she was in coma years ago
  • Nivaan Sen as Sahil
  • Prinal Oberoi as Kaira Deewan: Sheela and Anuj's younger daughter
  • Prashant Upadhyay as Varun Dhanrajgir, Kaira's husband
  • Apurva Agnihotri as Vikram Dhanrajgir, Varun's brother
  • Aleeza Khan as Amrita Dhanrajgir, Vikram's wife
  • Kunwar Aziz Ustahi as Diwakar Gupta, Pankhuri's father
  • Leena Prabhu as Ambika Kaneria: Pankhuri's mother
  • Rita Bhaduri (Photo presence only) as Jagdish's deceased wife and Pankhuri's paternal grandmother
  • Ajita Kulkarni as Sushma Gupta
  • Worshipp Khanna as Toby
  • Abir Goswami / Vimarsh Roshan as Kailash Gupta: Diwakar's younger brother; who had an affair with Preeti years ago
  • Manish Khanna as Govardhan Kaneria: Ambika's elder brother
  • Bharti Sharma as Kamini Kaneria: Govardhan's wife
  • Kunika as Aneesha James Waterson: Kaushalya's younger sister and Purushottam's estranged sister-in law who resides in Australia
  • Aparna Ghoshal as Nilufer Khan: Ayesha's mother
  • Monica Murthy as Rukhsaar Khan: Ayesha's younger sister
  • Divjot Sabarwal as Nafisa Khan: Ayesha's elder sister
  • Nikhil Sharma as Ayush Kumar: Aditya's adoptive brother
  • Anil Dhawan as Manik Deewan: Purushottam's younger but estranged brother[6]
  • Suchitra Bandaker as Manorama Deewan: Manik's wife
  • Alekh Sangal as Kapil Deewan: Manik and Manorama's son
  • Harsha Khandeparkar as Anuradha Deewan/Roshni: Kapil's wife
  • Sonali Nikam as Revati Deewan: Manik and Manorama's daughter
  • Anubhav Krishna Srivastava as Naman: Neha's husband
  • Shreya Arora replaced by Urmila Tiwari as Neha Gupta: Pankhuri's cousin
  • Prateek Shukla as Shivam: Pankhuri's ex- fiancé[7]
  • Meenkashi Sethi as Daadi: Harish's mother; Avantika's mother-in law; Aditya' paternal grandmother; Pankhuri's paternal grandmother-in law
  • Yashashree Chiplunker as Payal Sharma: Aditya's cousin
  • Raj Singh as Manan Modi: Kaira's ex-boyfriend and a drug- addict professor
  • Priyanka Nayyar as Nisha Bafna: Latika's mother
  • Alefia Kapadia as Latika Bafna: Aditya's ex-fiancé and Rubal's ex-wife - who is after the Deewans' wealth and property

International broadcasts

  • In Indonesia, it began airing on ANTV with the title Pyaar Ka Dard on 21 January 2019.[8]


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