Pure Steel Records

Pure Steel Records is a record label based in Germany, focused on heavy metal music. Pure Steel produces CDs and LPs.

Pure Steel Records
FounderKay Anders, Andreas Lorenz
GenreHeavy metal
Power metal
Thrash metal
Progressive metal
Glam metal
Country of originGermany
Official website

Founded by Kay Anders and Andreas Lorenz in 2006, the main interest of Pure Steel is to spread the true and independent heavy metal sound inspired by the glorious 80s. After 2007, when thrash metal and power metal was growing again they introduced many bands to the metal world.[1] They also collaborate with other labels to re-release notable metal albums on LP.[2] Pure Steel released the first official tribute to Warlock / Doro Pesch in December 2008.[3]


  • CD Bands:

As Darkness Dies, Agamendon, Alltheniko, Angband, Artizan, Arctic Flame, A Tortured Soul, Attick Demons, Blazing Rust, Boomerang, Cage, Conjuring Fate, Chimaera, Commandment, Crom, Crystal Tears, Custard, Deathfist, Desert Sin, Destructor, Dragonsfire, Emerald, Enchanter, Eternal Reign, Exxplorer, Eynomia, Fatal Embrace, Gorgons Eyes, Helvetest Port, Halloween, Hjallarhorn, Holy Cross, Icy Steel, Ice Vinland, In Solitude, Ivory Tower, Jackal, Lanfear, Mortician, Overdrive U.K. Pandea, Phantom-X, Power Theory (US band), Primeval Realm, Project Terror, Razorfist, Salem, Savage Blade, Sencirow, Shadowkeep, Skullview, Split Heaven, Steel Raiser, Stormrider, The Prowlers, Thunderblast, Titan Steele, Trauma, Ursus, Valkyrie's Cry, Warcry, Warrant (German band), Widow, Wolfs Moon, Wretch (US), Zandelle, Sacrilege.

  • LP Bands:

Aska, Avenger, Cage, Crescent Shield, Emerald, Fatal Embrace, Pharaoh, Sacred Steel, Salem, Seasons of the Wolf, Shadowkeep, Steel Prophet Trauma


Distribution is handled through Soulfood GmbH in Europe

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