Publius Vitellius the Elder

Publius Vitellius, grandfather of the emperor Vitellius, was a Roman eques who lived during the time of Augustus. He was a procurator in the time of Augustus.[1]


Vitellius was born at Nuceria Apulorum, perhaps the son of the Quintus Vitellius who was a quaestor under Augustus.[2] His sister, Vitellia, married Aulus Plautius, consul suffectus in 1 BC. He had four sons: Lucius, the father of the emperor, had a distinguished military career, and was consul in AD 34.[3][4] Publius was also a distinguished soldier, serving on the staff of Germanicus. He was arrested following the downfall of Sejanus, and died in confinement.[1][5] Aulus was consul suffectus in AD 32, and died in office.[6] Quintus was a senator, whom the emperor deprived of his rank.[7]

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