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The Publican Party was a minor political party in Scotland. The party was founded in March 2005 in Inverness, Highland by two publicans, Kit Fraser and Don Lawson.[1]

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The foremost policy of the Publican Party was fighting a smoking ban which came into effect in March 2006.[1][2][3] The party argued for separate smoking rooms,[4] and worked with a campaign to lift the ban on smoking shisha pipes.[2]

Lawson stood for the party in the Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey constituency at the 2005 general election and gained 678 votes (1.5%).[5] The party contested four regional seats in the Scottish Parliament election, 2007, receiving 5,905 votes.[6][7][8] Fraser blamed a lack of financial support from trade associations and brewers for their electoral performance.[9] The party was deregistered in November 2007.[10]


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