Public holidays in Jordan

Note: Holidays in Jordan are often flexible. It is common for the government to change the day which a holiday is supposed to be celebrated on to another day — usually to prolong weekend.

Public holidays in Jordan.[1]

DateEnglish nameLocal nameRemarksOfficial Business
1 JanuaryNew Year's DayRas Assanah al-MiladiClosed
1 MayLabour DayEid el-OmmalClosed
25 MayIndependence DayEid al-IstiklaalClosed
25 DecemberChristmas DayEid Al Milad Al Majeed, Al Eid Il SagheerChristmas in Jordan is celebrated by all denominations according to Catholic date (Orthodox date on January 7).Closed
10 Dhul HijjaFeast of the Sacrifice or the Big FeastEid al-AdhaCommemorates Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son.Closed
1 ShawwalThe Little FeastEid al-FitrCommemorates end of RamadanClosed
1 MuharramHijri New YearRas Assanah Al HijriIslamic New YearClosed
12 Rabi' al-awwalProphet Muhammad's Birthday Mawlid al-NabiClosed


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